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Better Than Chocolate Vibrator

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Better Than Chocolate Vibrator
Nomi Tang

The Bottom Line

Better Than Chocolate ups the ante on functional and well-designed clitoral vibrators. It improves on the design of similar shaped vibrators with its larger, flatter body, and with the wonderful addition of a touch pad to control both the strength and the style of vibration. Indeed the real innovation of Better Than Chocolate is the touch pad controller that creates a kind of kinesthetic onomatopoeia, where the motion the user makes to control the vibrator mimics a classic self-pleasuring movement. In this way the toy represents an important addition to the development of smart, sex tech, sex toys.


  • Easy on/off switch and innovative touch pad control for strength and style of vibration.
  • High quality construction, non-porous elastomer coating.
  • Waterproof makes it easy to clean and safe for use in the shower or bathtub
  • Attractive and ergonomic shape is fun to touch, comfortable to hold, and fits nicely around curves.
  • Variable speed makes it good for beginners and advanced vibrator users.


  • The controls require a little patience to understand at first.
  • Not suitable for penetration.


  • Made of a hard plastic and an elastomer, outer coating making it smooth and soft to the touch.
  • The packaging is simple and the toy comes with a velvet storage pouch.
  • To control the power there is an easy to use on off button at the tip of the toy.
  • Multiple speeds and vibration settings are controlled by a touch pad that runs along the top of the vibrator.
  • Measurements: 4-1/4" from tip to top, 2-1/2" wide
  • Battery powered, requires 2 AAA batteries.
  • Available in two colors: fuchsia and blue.
  • Approximate price, $80 USD.

Guide Review - Better Than Chocolate Vibrator

Better Than Chocolate is the first sex toy released by Nomi Tang, a company that wants to specialize in “premium sensual consumer goods”. It’s a very promising start.

In design and functionality Better Than Chocolate is reminiscent of Fun Factory’s Laya Spot vibrator, but it’s far from a simple copy. The designer has flattened the shape out, creating a wider vibrating surface and edges that allow for more subtle manipulation of the toy on the surface of the skin. What’s most exciting and innovative is the user interface for controlling vibration.

There’s a simple push button on/off switch at the base of the toy, and a touch pad strip down the center. You can tap the circle to change the style of vibration (pulsing, oscillating, etc…). To increase or decrease the speed of vibration you run your finger up or down the stripe, in a slow stroking motion. Once you find a speed and style of vibration you like, simply tap the other end of the touch pad and it locks the vibration in place.

When the toy is positioned over the vulva and clitoris the stroking movement required to find the desired speed visually echoes a classic masturbatory touch thus engaging the user more fully in the pleasure being produced by using the toy. The vibrator becomes less of an external object and more of an extension or erotic amplifier of the users own movements and intentions.

Better Than Chocolate may be a harbinger of things to come as designers who understand ubiquitous computing turn their attention to designing explicitly for sexual pleasure. I have no doubt that in five years this toy will seem funny for it’s bulky shape and controls, but for now, it’s one of the smartest examples of sex tech in the commercial sex toy industry.

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