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Silver Bullet Vibrator

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There are dozens of different versions of this classic vibrator. The silver bullet is great for beginners as it is inexpensive and relatively powerful. Because the vibration comes from a small area it’s also ideal for exploring your whole body and discovering where you enjoy vibration most. The main drawbacks to the silver bullet vibe is it’s short lifespan and the hand numbing effect it can have when holding it for too long.


  • Inexpensive and quite strong.
  • Ideal for external stimulation, easy to direct vibration to small area.
  • Versatile, can be used in other sex toys or in gloves or clothing.


  • Poor quality, unpredictable lifespan.
  • Your hand can go numb when holding the vibrator.
  • Most models are quite loud.
  • Not safe for penetration, non-waterproof models are difficult to clean.


  • Different models have different features but the basic silver bullet features include:
  • Bullet shaped vibrator with an external battery pack.
  • Variable speed controls either via a dial or slide switch.
  • Hard plastic body with a silver coating.
  • Most models take two AA batteries.
  • Waterproof models that have a seal where the wire meets the motor are preferred.

Guide Review - Silver Bullet Vibrator

The silver bullet vibrator is one of the oldest styles of battery powered vibrator. Most sex toy manufacturers have a version of this toy which is a small silver oval vibrator with a cord that attaches to a battery pack/speed control.

What the silver bullet vibrator does best is offer strong stimulation in a focused package. This means that wherever you touch your body with the vibrator is exactly where the vibration is felt the most. Larger wand style vibrators disperse the vibration over a wider area, offering somewhat less specific options for where you feel the vibration.

Silver bullet vibrators are also versatile in that they can be used in many different sex toys and easily incorporated into other homemade sex toys. They usually require a little adaptation, but the lack of bells and whistles makes this easier.

Some people use silver bullet vibrators internally by putting the vibe in a condom. Many find the vibration from the silver bullet too jarring for penetration, but for those that enjoy this, as long as you use a condom this is safe. Most models have a seam that runs around the center of the vibrator and can be sharp, so it is recommended that you check this out and if necessary file the seam down before putting it in a condom.

There are now many variations on the basic silver bullet vibrator. Most of these differ either in the material (e.g. silver bullet coated in cyberskin or jelly rubber) or in the vibration modes (e.g. pulsating, escalating vibration). Finally there are double bullet vibrators that offer two motors, and some silver bullet vibrators that take more batteries and deliver even stronger vibration.

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