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We Vibe

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We Vibe
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The Bottom Line

Now in it's third iteration, the We Vibe continues to deliver on its one big promise; providing strong stimulation during intercourse with a hands free vibrator. The We Vibe is designed to stay in place, and provides both clitoral and g spot stimulation for the wearer as well as stimulation for the partner doing the penetration. While it doesn’t offer a lot of versatility, the We Vibe is thoughtfully designed, well constructed, and represents a genuine innovation in the world of wearable vibrators.


  • High quality silicone material.
  • More durable, rechargeable is quiet.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Provides simultaneous clitoral and g spot stimulation.
  • Now with an easy charging base and multiple vibration modes.


  • Not a versatile toy, good for one thing, but only one thing.
  • Not comfortable in all positions, requires some experimentation and communication to get it right.


  • Unique design, one arm is inserted vaginally while the other stays on the outside of the body.
  • Two, dual speed vibrators are rechargeable and hold about a two hour charge.
  • We Vibe body is made of durable, easy to clean silicone.
  • Insertable portion is 3 ¼ inches long, the clitoral pad is 2 ½ inches long
  • The total weight of the toy is 2 ounces.
  • Manufacturer offers a 90 day warranty
  • Motors are very quiet.

Guide Review - We Vibe

It’s no longer a secret that orgasms through intercourse are far from guaranteed. In fact one of the most common requests in sex stores from heterosexual couples is for a product that offers clitoral stimulation during intercourse, but doesn’t require all sorts of straps, battery packs, and hand held remotes. The couple who designed the We Vibe were among the many looking for just such a toy, and when they didn’t find it, they decided to invent it.

The We Vibe is designed for a woman to use to provide both external (clitoral) stimulation and internal (g spot) stimulation at the same time during penetration. It can be used by a woman during penetration with a man or penetration with a dildo. What is unique about the We Vibe is that its design ensures that the vibrator stays in place on its own; no hands or straps are needed to keep it inside. During penetration, the penis or dildo gently presses on the part of the We Vibe that is inserted vaginally, pressing it against the front wall of the vagina and providing g spot stimulation, which some women will find pleasurable. As an added bonus, a male partner will feel the vibration of the We Vibe quite strongly and most men will find the vibration highly pleasurable.

While the We Vibe (like almost all other vibrators) is manufactured in China, it’s appreciated that thought was put into the durability and sustainability of the product. Primarily, the rechargeable battery means a longer lasting toy, and less waste. The material chosen is phthalate free and the manufacturers address some of their environmental responsibilities in the product documentation.

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