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Sexuality: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
20 Movies That Feature Real Sex Scenes
A list of mainstream movies that apparently contain real sex scenes.
11 Tips to Maximize Your Self-Pleasure for Women
A step by step guide for women to explore sexual response through masturbation. Includes information about clitoral stimulation, penetration, and g-spot.
Attention, Ladies: Here's How You Use a Vibrator
A beginner’s guide to using vibrators for women. Tips and techniques on using vibrators for external stimulation and penetration.
12 Tips for Having Sexual Intercourse
A guide to intercourse including suggestions on positioning, pacing, g-spot and prostate stimulation, and how to have orgasms during intercourse.
What You Need to Know Before the First Time You...
Having anal sex for the first time means having a lot of questions, and at least a few concerns. Get answers to common questions people have about first time anal sex, and tips on making your first time great.
How to Find the Right Position for Your Body...
Finding the right sex position means thinking about yourself. This series of sex tips focuses on finding the most comfortable and versatile physical positions for sex.
Woman on Top Sex Position Pictures Gallery
Images of woman on top sex positions
Edge of the Bed Sex Position Pictures Gallery
Images of the edge of the bed sex positions.
Penis Size: Everything You Should Know About...
Penis size may be the biggest source of worry for men. Learn the facts about average penis size, does penis size matter, the trouble with comparing penis size, and whether or not you can do anything to enlarge your penis.
A 9-Step Guide to Finding and Stimulating Your...
Some people call it the male g-spot, others call it (unfortunately) the p-spot. Whatever you call it, here's a a step by step guide to finding and stimulating the prostate.
Woman on Top Sex Position
Image of the basic woman on top sex position. Page 2.
Missionary Sex Position Pictures
Image of the basic missionary sex position.
Sex Tips - Learn How to Talk Dirty
Tips on how to introduce dirty talk to your relationship, with suggestions on expanding your vocabulary of sex words, getting comfortable with dirty talk, and recommendations for more reading.
11 Steps to Find Your G-Spot
A step by step guide to finding and stimulating your g-spot.
Doggy Style or Rear Entry Sex Position
Image of doggy style or rear entry sex position. Page 3.
How To Give a Man a Handjob
A step by step guide on how to give a man a handjob, with tips on anatomy, technique, using props, and communicating with your partner.
How Researchers Measured to Find the Average...
What does scientific research have to say about average penis size? Penis size is measured in terms of both average length and girth of a flaccid penis and average length and girth of an erect penis. There are many problems with determining what the average penis size is.
Lovefilm's Top Sex Scenes in Hollywood Movies
A list of the best movie sex scenes as selected by members of LoveFilm, Europe's largest internet DVD rental service.
The Right Way to Do Kegel Exercises for the...
Step by step instructions on doing kegel exercises to strengthen your PC muscles.
Side by Side Facing Sex Position
Image of the basic side by side sex facing position. Page 4.
Suggestions for How You Can Make and Use...
Tips for homemade sex toy projects, plus links to the best homemade sex toy sites, books and products.
Missionary Position
A description and picture of the missionary position where the man is lying on top of his partner. Suggestions for variation on this sex position, as well as pros and cons of the missionary position for penetration sex play.
Missionary Sex Position Pictures Gallery
Images of the doggy style or rear entry sex positions.
Right Angle Sex Position
Image of the basic right angle sex position. Page 6.
How Much Sex Does the Average Couple Have?
How much sex does an average couple have, and how much sex should we be having to be considered normal or healthy?
How To Use a Vibrator for Men
Guys can, and do, use vibrators. Most don't know that it's an option. Here's a step by step guide to use vibrators for men.
Edge of the Bed Sex Position
Image of the edge of the bed sex position. Page 7.
Spooning Sex Position
Image of the basic spooning sex position. Page 5.
What to Do When His Penis is Too Big
It can seem like a joke, but having a penis that's too big can be a serious problem. get tips on what to do if your partner’s penis is too big and making sex uncomfortable or painful.
Clitoral Stimulation
Tips and techniques for clitoral stimulation.
Reverse Cowgirl Sex Position
Image of the basic reverse cowgirl sex position. Page 8.
Sex Stories
Links and recommended resources for finding, sharing, and writing sex stories online.
Bum Lift Sex Position
Image of the bum lift sex position. Page 10.
How To Tips for Pegging
Tips on pegging or the act of male anal penetration by a female partner. Includes ideas on talking about pegging, toys to choose for pegging, and safer sex considerations.
Basic Doggy Style or Rear Entry Sex Position
Tips, variations, and pros and cons of the rear entry or doggy style sex position. Featuring non-explicit illustrations.
How To Edging
Tips on edging, a sexual activity that involves postponing orgasm.
How To Use Penis Rings
A beginner’s guide to using penis rings.
How To Acheive Male Multiple Orgasms
With practice and patience many men can experience multiple, non-ejaculatory orgasms. Here's a step by step instructions on how men can experience multiple orgasms.
Female Genitalia
A guided tour of the basic parts of the female genitals, including the vulva, vagina, clitoris, pc muscle, g-spot, and more.
How To Suggest a New Sexual Activity to a Partner
Tips on how to talk with your partner about trying some new sexual activities.
Wall Standing Sex Position
Image of the basic wall standing sex position. Page 9.
Raised Kneeling Sex Position
Image of the raised kneeling sex position. Page 11.
How To Have Orgasms Through Intercourse
Orgasms don't come easily through intercourse. But that doesn't mean they don't come at all. Here are some tips on having orgasms through intercourse.
Building a Better Orgasm
Ten tips on building better orgasms. Ways to expand your orgasmic potential through movement and breath, through fantasy and sex toys, and by improving your sexual health.
What Is Sex?
What is sex? How does sex differ from sexuality? Learn about defining sex and sexuality for yourself in a way that can help you explore more of your sexual potential and increase your sexual health.
How To Give a Handjob to a Woman
A step by step guide on how to give a woman a handjob, with tips on anatomy, technique, using props, and communicating with your partner about handjobs.
Impotence, or erectile dysfunction, is a common sexual problem experienced by as many as 1 in 5 men. All men experience occasional difficulty getting an erection, but what if it happens most of the time, and for months or years?
Wedding Night Sex
How high expectations for wedding night sex can leave you neither happy nor satisfied, and what you can do about it.
Personal Lubricants
Everything you ever needed to know about personal lubricants to help you find the right lube for you. Links to reviews, safety of lube, and where to buy.
Types of Orgasms
How many different types of orgasms are there? The answer depends on who you ask. Popular categorizations are explained.
I Can’t Orgasm
What are some of the things that prevent you from having an orgasm.
Nipple Stimulation
How to sex tips for nipple stimulation.
Why So Many Guys Think Its Too Small
Worry about penis size isn't entirely in your head. Five common reasons why most men think their penis is too small.
Quick Facts on Teens' Sexual Behavior
A compilation of statistics on teen sexual behaviors in the U.S. and Canada.
Better Sex
Suggestions on how to think about what better sex is for you, in order to figure out how to have better sex.
Why Does Sex Hurt?
Why does sex hurt? Explains common reasons for painful sex and solutions to reduce pain during sex.
How To Kiss
There are few universal rules to kissing, but here are some basic tips on how to kiss for the anxious and uninitiated.
Woman on Top Position
The woman on top sex position, described and illustrated, with variations, pros, and cons of this position for intercourse.
What Is Pegging?
An explanation of the term pegging, which is used to describe anal penetration in heterosexual couples where the woman penetrates the man.
Basic Edge of the Bed Sex Position
Picture of the basic edge of the bed sex position.
Definition of the perineum. Sexuality.
What Causes Sex to be Painful?
Describes both physical and psychological causes of pain during sex.
Can You Tell When a Man Is Ready to Ejaculate?
How can you tell if a guy is going to ejaculate? Explaining the signs that ejaculation is imminent and how you can tell when it’s going to happen.
Push Up Push Down Sex Position
An explanation of the Push Up/Push Down sex position, which turns the tables on the traditional missionary position.
All About Orgasms
Orgasms are the most sought after and most misunderstood part of our sexuality. Learn about different types of orgasms, the real definition of orgasm, fake orgasms, orgasm problems, and the best books about orgasms available.
What is Tantric Sex?
A basic introduction to Tantra sexual practice and what Tantric sex has come to mean in the west. Answers questions what is Tantra? Who is Tantra good for? With links to more resources, information, tips, and techniques on Tantra sex.
Bad Reporting on Sex Research: Average Penis Size
A study of penis size, conducted in India, triggered several terrible reports that are either ignorant, racist, or both.
How Do I Find My PC Muscle?
Simple instructions on how to find your pubococcygeus or PC muscles. With links to information on how to do Kegel exercises to strengthen the PC muscles.
How Long Does Sex Last?
What is the average time sex lasts for, and how long should sex last?
Penis Anatomy
A plain language explanation of penis anatomy including the shaft, glans, frenulum, foreskin, and the internal anatomy of the penis.
Edge of the Bed Sex Position Variation with...
Image of the edge of the bed sex position. . Page 2.
How To Explore Fantasy Sexual Role Play
Information and ideas on sexual fantasy role play, creating scenarios, developing characters, finding costumes and props, and setting ground rules for safe and fun sexual fantasy role play.
Male Sexual Anatomy
A guided tour of the basic parts of male genitalia including the penis, scrotum, prostate gland, frenulum, perineum, and anus.
What Is an Orgasm?
What is orgasm, and how is it defined by science and culture? Better than single definitions are multi-dimensional explanations of orgasm.
Oral Sex Quiz
Oral Sex Quiz Test your knowledge of oral sex. Sorry, but this quiz requires that you have javascript
Basic Woman on Top Sexual Position
Image of the basic woman on top sex position
Anatomy of Intercourse
The anatomy of intercourse research from Leonardo da Vinci to Masters and Johnson to MRI and 3D ultrasound imaging.
Does Penis Size Matter?
Does penis size matter? Research on the importance of penis size to men and women.
How To Control Premature Ejaculation with the...
A step by step explanation of the start/stop technique of controlling premature ejaculation.
How Can I Tell If I've Had an Orgasm?
How can you be sure that you're having orgasms? Is there such a thing as an orgasm test? Information on what defines orgasm and how to focus more on pleasure and less on the question.
Oral Sex
Offering oral sex tips and techniques plus information on hygiene and safety concerns for performing and receiving oral sex.
Leapfrog Sex Position
The leapfrog sex position is a variation on the rear entry position, and it can be good for people during pregnancy. See an illustration and learn the pros and cons of the leapfrog.
Description of the function and anatomy of the vagina with a focus on sexual pleasure.
Vibrators are the most popular selling sex toy in the world. This guide offers tips on choosing the right vibrator, buying a vibrator without being ripped off, and ways of using vibrators for men, women, and couples.
Morning Erections
Morning erections can be a source of confusion and embarrassment for young men, and concern for older men who may have fewer or find them gone altogether.
Penis Pumps
All about penis pumps. Explains how penis pumps work, whether penis pumps are effective, and how safe it is to use a penis pump.
All About Sexual Fantasy
Information about the origins of sexual fantasies, the most common sexual fantasies, how healthy it is to have sexual fantasies, and ideas for more sexual fantasies.
Do Penis Pumps Permanently Enlarge Your Penis?
Explains that penis pumps do not work to permanently enlarge your penis.
Recommendations and Tips for First Time Sexual...
Tips on first time sex experiences, including first time intercourse, first orgasm, first time anal sex, and more.
Exploring Sex and Intimacy Without Intercourse
Sex is much more than intercourse. Here are some ways of thinking about and exploring sexual intimacy and stimulation that don't involve intercourse.
Bend Over, Boyfriend
Information, tips, and resources for straight couples interested in exploring male anal play and strap on sex. Includes shopping tips, safer sex tips, and information about gender and role play.
Variation of Woman on Top Sex Position
Images of woman on top sex positions. Page 2.
How To Talk to Your Partner About Sexual...
Tips on how to bring up a sexual complaint or concern to your partner or spouse while minimizing your own and their defensiveness.
All About the G Spot
A complete reference guide to the g spot, with information on the g spot debate, the history of research into the g spot, how to find your g spot, and what the g spot is and isn’t, as well as reviews of books about the g spot, and g spot vibrators.
How To Properly Put on a Male Condom
A step by step explanation on how to put on and take off a condom. With links to illustrations on how to put on a condom properly
Latex Versus Non-Latex Condoms
Explains the difference between latex and non latex condoms, and between the different types of non latex condom brands currently available.
Information about Viagra including how Viagra works, dosage, how much Viagra costs, and side effects of Viagra
Can You Alter the Taste of Your Vagina?
An About.com reader asks if it's possible to change the way her vagina, or vaginal fluids, taste.
Sex How Tos
Sex how tos, sex tips, and step-by-step sex instruction on everything from sex toys and positions to erotic role play and how to light a room for sex.
Sex and Marijuana
Describes the positive and negative sex effects of marijuana. While many people, women in particular, find marijuana has positive effects on sexual arousal and behavior, if taken in larger amounts marijuana can severely dampen sex.
Orgasm Quiz
Orgasm Quiz Test your knowledge of orgasm. Sorry, but this quiz requires that you have javascript turned
What's the Deal with Penis Size?
Answers to commonly asked sexual health questions. Includes an answer to questions about the importance of penis size, what is the average penis size, does penis size matter, does it matter more to women or men, and whether length or girth is more important.
Sex Toys - A Beginner's Guide
Explains the basics of sex toys including different kinds of sex toys, tips on shopping for sex toys, where to find the best sex toys, sex toy safety, and sex toy quizzes.
How To Increase Sexual Intimacy Through Sensual...
A step by step guide to exploring sensual touch with a partner.
Explains the causes, treatment, and problematic social meaning of a micropenis, which is a clinical term to describe a very small penis.
How To Use Rabbit Vibrators
Tips on how to use rabbit vibrators alone or with a partner.
How To Put on a Female Condom
Instructions on how to put on and remove the female condom.
Small Condoms
Size information and reviews of small condoms.
Hands Free Variation on the Edge of the Bed...
Image of the edge of the bed sex position. . Page 4.
Top Sexual Fantasies
While every list of top sexual fantasies differs slightly there are less than ten themes that consistently appear on surveys of top sexual fantasies.
How Real Is the Sex You See in Pornography?
Pornography may be many things, but it isn't usually a very accurate depiction of sex. Learn how to spot the ways that porn fakes sex.
First Intercourse
Information for people who are planning on having intercourse for the first time. With links to information on techniques and safety concerns related to first time intercourse.
Play With a Soft Penis
Sex tips for playing with a soft penis.
Are Orgasms Good for Health?
What are the health benefits of orgasms?
When Sex Goes Stale
What do we mean when we say that our sex life has gone stale? Do our sex lives really have an expiry date? Tips on how to address loss of sexual interest in a long term relationship.
How to Use Lubricant
How to use lubricant for solo and partner sex play.
Leg Extension with the Edge of the Bed Sex...
Image of the edge of the bed sex position. . Page 6.
How Do I Measure Up?
Answers to questions about penis size, and other common sexual health questions, with links to research and resources.
Leaning Forward to Vary the Woman on Top Position
Images of woman on top sex positions. Page 4.
Mainstream Pornography
What distinguishes mainstream from independent pornography?
First Time to Have an Orgasm?
Information for people who haven’t had an orgasm before and want to have their first time orgasm. With links to information for people who can’t orgasm, and anyone who wants to learn how to have more orgasms.
Angle of Penetration Variation for Woman on Top
Images of woman on top sex positions. Page 3.
Semen Allergy
Semen allergy is a relatively rare allergic reaction that includes symptoms such as burning and irritation following unprotected sexual intercourse.
Oral Sex and STDs
Just how risky is oral sex when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases? The answer depends on a lot of things, find out what impacts risk and how you can have safer oral sex.
Scrotum and Testicles
A description of the scrotum and testicles, part of the male reproductive and sexual anatomy.
What is the G Spot?
An explanation of what the g spot is thought to be, the function of the g spot, and the reasons the g spot may provide sexual excitement.
Sexual Fantasy Ideas
Tips on developing sexual fantasy ideas and coming up with fantasy scenarios that work for you.
Extended Wear Butt Plugs
Is it safety wear a butt plug for an extended period of time?
Hip Variations of the Woman on Top Position
Images of woman on top sex positions. Page 5.
A definition of the term cuckold.
How to Choose a Vibrator
Tips on buying a vibrator, how to choose a vibrator for you and your partner, different materials for vibrators, and how to find a vibrator that will work for you
Woman on Top and Clitoral Stimulation
Images of woman on top sex positions. Page 7.
Fix a Battery Powered Vibrator
A step by step guide to fixing common problems with battery powered vibrators.
A Male Multiple Orgasm Primer
Basic information about male multiple orgasm. Where the teachings began, what research has been done on the topic, and the basic ideas behind male multiple orgasms are discussed.
Foot and Leg Variations with the Edge of the...
Image of the edge of the bed sex position. . Page 5.
A New Way to Learn About Your Sexual Anatomy
Take a personal tour of your sexual anatomy and learn how to draw a map of your own sexual body.
Edge of the Bed Position Variation with Partner...
Image of the edge of the bed sex position. . Page 8.
Male Sex Toys
Explains the range of male sex toys, how to use male sex toys, and where to buy male sex toys.
How To Find the Best Condom
Tips on finding the best condom to increase sensitivity and sexual pleasure.
Moving the Woman on Top Position Further Up
Images of woman on top sex positions. Page 6.
Increase Semen Volume
Is there a way to increase semen volume, and will having more semen make sex feel better?
Erotic Nude Photography Books
A gift guide to nude art photography books. Ten of the best collections of nude art and erotic photography covering a range of photographic and sexual styles.
Is Watching Porn Okay?
Includes a discussion of the health of watching adult videos in a relationship and ways to talk with your partner about your concerns.
Non Latex Condoms
Latex free condoms, non latex condoms, nonlatex condoms, non-latex condoms, latex allergies, avanti, Trojan supra, reality female condom,
How To Put a Condom on with Your Mouth
Answers the question how do I put a condom on with my mouth, with step by step instructions on how to put a condom on with your mouth.
Water Based Lubricants
Explaining the difference between water based personal lubricants, including consistency, ingredients, and how long different water based lubricants last. With links to reviews of water based lubricants.
Describing the sexual activity edging.
G Spot Vibrators
A review of popular vibrators designed for, or useful for, g spot stimulation.
Sex and Ecstasy
What are the sex effects of Ecstasy (also called MDMA)? Subjective reports and laboratory research explain the negative and positive sex effects of Ecstasy.
Doggy Style Position Elevated Knees Variation
Image of doggy style or rear entry sex position. Page 2.

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