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Articles related to bisexuality

Bisexuality - Is Bisexuality a Phase - LGBT Teens - About.com
A lot of people think that bisexuality is just a phase that someone will grow out of. Researchers, however, disagree.
Bisexual 101 - Bisexuality Basics - Lesbian Life - About.com
Bisexuality is often the misunderstood sexual orientation. This bisexuality 101 primer is designed to help you better understand bisexuality, if you self-identify as  ...
Bisexual Men and Women: Top Myths Debunked
There are many myths associated with bi men and bisexuality in general. Read the top myths about bi men.
Bisexuality and bisexual lifestyle - Gay Life - About.com
Get resources and information on the lifestyle of bisexual men and women.
Do You Fear Bisexuality? - Gay Life - About.com
Feb 11, 2008 ... These: perceptions that run rampant among skeptics who consider bisexuality a phase (or as a permission slip for infidelity) and not a position ...
Bisexuality - Bisexual And Ready To Come Out - Gay Life - About.com
Ron is bisexual and ready to come out to his wife, family and kids. He asks a few very personal questions before taking the next step.
Is bisexuality real... for guys? - Calorie Count
I'm pretty convinced that bisexuality exists in girls... but I've always held the opinion that if a guy likes guys, he's gay. Period. And he's just in ...
Is There Really Such a Thing as a Bisexual Male? - LGBT Teens
In many cultures, bisexuality was seen as a natural expression of sexuality. Ancient Greece is often cited as an example of a culture that accepted and expected ...
Top Myths About Bisexuals - Lesbian Life - About.com
Bisexuals sometimes get a bad rap. There's a lot of myths and misunderstanding about bisexuality. Here are the top myths about bisexual women.
is bisexuality even possible?? opinions - Calorie Count - About.com
So, there;s been some debate amongst my peers about the possibility of bisexuality, some people argue that it's bogus and there's no such ...
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