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Articles related to bisexuality

Bipolar and Bisexual - Living with Labels
Feb 6, 2013 ... The only difference between a heterosexual person with bipolar disorder and a bisexual with the same mental illness, says guest author Lily, ...
Is bisexuality real... for guys? - Calorie Count
I'm pretty convinced that bisexuality exists in girls... but I've always held the opinion that if a guy likes guys, he's gay. Period. And he's just in ...
is bisexuality even possible?? opinions - Calorie Count - About.com
So, there;s been some debate amongst my peers about the possibility of bisexuality, some people argue that it's bogus and there's no such ...
Bisexual Men - Articles For and About Bisexual Men - Gay Life
He's bisexual and wants to date a guy he knows from work. Should he try and get a date by coming out and asking the guy if he's bisexual too or should he keep ...
How do you know if you are bisexual? - Calorie Count
i think to be truly bisexual you'd have to be willing to have a relationship with someone of either sex. i think "bisexual" gets thrown around far ...
When Your Man Is On The Down Low - Gay Life - About.com
Of course, suspecting your partner of cheating is one thing, but being gay or bisexual is another. Without discounting your current emotions, it's important that  ...
FAKE NEWS: Justin Bieber Admits to Being Bisexual - Urban Legends
Apr 7, 2014 ... It's a hoax: Viral 'news story' claims Justin Bieber admits to being bisexual and tweeted a photo of himself kissing Austin Mahone.
Cole Porter - Composer and Songwriter Cole Porter - Gay Life
At the time of his married, Porter's bisexuality became public. Porter and Thomas separated in the 1930's after Porter's affairs with Boris Kochno, Howard Sturges ...
What to Do if Your Spouse Is Gay - About.com Marriage
According to Amity Buxton of the Straight Spouse Network, "When the gay, lesbian, or bisexual spouse comes out, a third of the couples break up immediately; ...
Standard Roman Male Sexuality
... to the outside world appear homosexual, but to the prison community do not, alongside the more traditional homosexual, bisexual, and heterosexual roles.
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