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Readers Respond: Does Circumcision Effect Your Sex Life?

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Updated October 28, 2013

it deppends

i was circumcised when i was born and after reading this i think it all just depends. i feel fine. sex, masturbation, its all good w/ me. but i see how others feel about it. some love the result and others hate it. i think that the parents should not choose because often men end up hating there parents for doing it. but if the man chooses to get it then he cant blame anyone but himself for geting it.
—Guest swager

uncircumcised boyfriend

my boyfriend is the first uncut guy I've been with and other than with oral in the beginning of our relationship I don't notice any difference

My Adult Circumcision

I never thought about circumcision until I got a yeast infection that made sexual relations unpleasant, to say the least. My urologist was very down to earth about it. He told me that I must practice immaculate hygiene rolling back my foreskin and carefully cleaning it every day or two or the yeast infection would return and even with that care it might return. Or I could be circumcised. He also told me that circumcision was definitely the better way. I took his advice and I have never regretted it. Sex was better after than before and the infection has never returned.

Sexual Mutilation.

I was circumcised at 10 because my father pressured me into it. Ever since then it's been terrible. No sexual sensation, no excitement, I feel completely numb. Circumcision definitely destroys sensation and it completely ruined ANY chance of me having a normal satisfying sex life. Circumcision is genital mutilation and child abuse and should be made illegal, I have had to live with all the damage that this surgery has done to me. It's pretty miserable getting to the age of 18 and realizing that your life is already over and you won't be able to enjoy the sexual side of a relationship like other guys can. The idea that parents can deliberately inflict this mutilation on their sons knowing full well what the risks are and how it could damage them. Circumcision should be banned and any parents that agree with it should be treated with the same hatred and contempt as any other child-abuser is. Any parents that subject their children to this abuse should be given prison sentences.
—Guest John

cut and proud

i am an identical twin and because the old man was done guess it was just the way, i have no problems with being cut but do spend alot of money on lube when i hear uncut dont need to use it, most girls i have spoken to do say that cut does look better and to be honest i think it lets ya knob grow bigger than uncut cause of no restriction, not to mention we dont have ''dic chesse'' never knew what the boys were on about for years, alot cleaner, mate just got done cause his foreskin couldnt go over his knob, he thinks its great and unfortuanly loves to show it off to everyone now, i think cut are more unsenitive but keeps us going longer in the bedroom and sometimes even too long, wish i could have the skin for a day just for the experience but prob will get my boys done if i have any..... to late to complain they all end up soing the same job anyway for the ladies
—Guest otay

Circumcised at 25

I was circumcised at 25 and wish I did not do it. Around a year later I felt a difference in the feeling as I was having sex. It was not the same, and over the years it has gotten worse. The feeling of uncut to cut is so different being uncut is the best.
—Guest Sorry

Circumcised as a result of surgery

When I was 16 months old, I had to have surgery to repair my first degree hypospadias. The doctors had to circumcise me due to fear of infection after the surgery. I honestly think that sex is great. However, I also think that sex could be a little better with an uncircumcised penis. If I could go back and make the choice and I didn't have the issue I had, I would've chosen to remain uncut.
—Guest Dgee

Just my opinion.

I myself am uncut, and I would never ever want to be cut. to all the uncut people out there, pull your foreskin back, keep it down, and then try to masturbate. It's the equivelant of being cut. doesn't feel as good does it? Children shouldn't get cut at birth. They should decide themselves. Religious circumcision is bullsh*t. But, my boyfriend says he doesn't experience any lack of sensetivity, but then again he wouldn't know the difference. And some of the things said above are opinions, such as "it looks beter" , because I honestly think they both look good, as both cut and uncut look almost the same when erect. Just my (slightly random) 2 cents. :)
—Guest What


Frankly, i have never had a problem with my uncircumcied dick ever since i started having sex. And i tell you i can go at it like a rabbit cat chasing a mouse, and i can last as long no problem , my sex life without circumcision is perfect why ruin it. I love my uncircumcised (SPANKY) dick

good circumcision

I'm circumcised. The feel is good, comfortable, and I have better sex with my wife.
—Guest yoh yoh

Botched Circumcision

I was circumcised at the age of 18 while in the military. The doctor messed my circumcision. I had to have it re-done. The second time my sex life with my wife was greater.

Circumcision Is Mutilation

As I was circumcised at birth I have no way of knowing for sure if it has impacted on my sex life. i do however believe that the custom of circumcision arose in desert communities where water was scarce and cleanliness difficult to maintain. As to why my christian parents chose to do it i can only presume it was to conform to socialized pressure and therefore not primarily concerned with my welfare. So i am resentful that they took it on themselves to molest and mutilate that most sensitive area of my body for no medically proven benefits. I am sure that the procedure for the infant must be very painful and could result in a deep seated trauma about sex being associated with pain rather than pleasure. As i understand it the foreskin's function is to protect the glans sensitivity being diminished by constant contact and its removal is likely to result in desensitization. i think it is a barbaric form of abuse and mutilation and should be treated with the same outrage as clitorectomy is.


I have been with my boyfriend for over 6 years. He is the only "uncut" man I have been with...sex is not challenging, but fellatio took some getting used to...no big deal! He is more sensitive than other cut guys. One thing I couldn't figure out is one question, "Is he more sensual and sexual because he's the best lover I have ever had, or is it the fact that he is uncircumcized?". Point is, there is no right or wrong answer. He won't have to suffer from comparison.

circumcision is bad

When i was born my dad said no to the doctors so i grew up with foreskin but when i reached age of 14 i had first sexual intercorse but then at 15 my dad died of cancer and so my mom married to a Turkish man that was Muslim and she became Muslim as well. All Muslims are circumcised at infantcy so when i reached 16 i got circumcised cos my mom forced me to become Muslim so i agreed to (i was so stupid) then after that i did not enjoy sex that much, did not feel that good like before with the foreskin. The "muslim" thing and my mom ruined my sexual life... so i say circumcision is bad.
—Guest Rooney

It's Great

I got circumcised when I was 25 and I can proudly say my sex life has changed for the better. It was strange at first as I was not used to last more than 25 minutes during intercourse but my partner and I are loving it and above all, I no longer complain about foreskin pain.

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Does Circumcision Effect Your Sex Life?

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