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Readers Respond: Does Circumcision Effect Your Sex Life?

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Circumcision Should be Outlawed

I was circumcised at 30. After the cut it felt less sexually complex, and not as good. The sexual act is about nerve endings. With the foreskin removed he loses 20-25 square inches of nerve endings. If someone is so vain as to stop sexual activity because of the looks of your partner I don’t think they're prepared to have sexual activity. If not you have 3 choices: 1-accept his natural penis, 2-refuse any activity, or 3-pull the skin back! Without the foreskin there is no protection of the glans. If a woman’s clitoris is exposed to the world there would be little feeling left and it would be so much more difficult to achieve orgasm. I think circumcisions should be outlawed!
—Guest davidjr13@hotmail.com

Yes to Circumcision

I like a circumcised penis, it is more fun, firm, the tip looks like a nice lolly..yummy. If the penetration is fast and firm, it feels very nice and the tip of a circumcised penis, when it rubs the clitoris, stimulates very well. The throbbing at the penis can be felt by the clitoris.. and the penis feels and looks neat and inviting..
—Guest nora

Nothing Wrong With Circumcision

I was circumcised when I was around 5 for medical reasons, I'm at the age now where i masturbate a lot. What are you talking about?! We are no less sensitive than any one else! I have spoken to uncut friends and my experience is exactly the same! I don't see whats wrong with circumcision! (also, its nice having your glans exposed!)
—Guest Sensation

Circumcision Is For the better!

I was circumcised as an adult in response to my (then new) wife's strong preference and I can say with absolute honesty that it was one of the best things which ever happened to me. It's cleaner, looks better, feels more comfortable and it overwhelmingly enhances sexual pleasure during intercourse for both the man and his female partner. For me there have been NO disadvantages to being circumcised and I love it (so does my wife!)
—Guest Pony

Person, Not the Parent, Should Decide

I was circumcised at birth and having grown up in the (thankfully) non circumcising UK, from an early age I was aware something was missing and that other boys had something I didn't. This had a massive impact on my self esteem as well as my sexual practice. I find the look of my circumcised penis very unattractive compared to the intact kind, and I also find it much more difficult to give myself enjoyable manual stimulation than I do with my uncut partners. Their attempts to stimulate me are mostly quite painful! I do not enjoy intercourse either as I find the friction against my permanently exposed glans very irritating and unpleasant. As a result of this I tend to avoid sex altogether and do not care much for masturbation either. I feel very angry towards my parents for removing a sensitive and intimate part of me. I'm sure there are many circumcised men out there who say it never bothered them, but personally I think they don't quite realize (or accept) what they've been robbed of.
—Guest Maneater

Low on the List

We have worked with many men both circumcised and uncircumcised, and have found that whether or not they are circumcised ranks very low on the list of what affects their sex life. We've helped both types of men increase pleasure unrelated to the amount of skin on the tip of their penis.
—Guest CelesteAndDanielle

Nature for a Reason

I have been with both and I feel that uncircumcised is the natural and proper way to be. I have noticed that men who are uncircumcised have just as much fun for just as long and are more sensitive than those who have not been. I have also been with circumcised men who are also quite sensitive, and that last a while such that I cannot see any positive difference circumcising a child makes. The uncircumcised men are definitely more sensitive than those who are cut. And considering that men are born with their foreskin, other than cultural or social reasoning, there seems to be no reason whatsoever to continue to butcher our little boys before they can make the decision for themselves
—Guest Rabbit

Hate circumcision

My circumcision, at birth, was probably the worst thing that has ever happened to me! A decision my parents made within 5 minutes has impacted my sex life like an 18 wheeler would a Japanese car. I've read about the penis being one of the most sensitive areas of the body, but mine obviously isn't. My circumsized dick is less sensitive than everything around it, even ordinary skin. I have only managed to ejaculate a few times, and only with some serious prostate stimulation. It took an hour and a half to get the one that became my son. Masturbation is impossible. Ejaculation feels like what I would imagine urination feels like; and I've never had an orgasm such as what I've seen my wife experience. My boy is not circumsized, and never will be. My parents ruined my life; even if my case is uncommon, could you live with yourself if you forced a child to go through what I have been made to go through?
—Guest Man

The feel of circumcision

Wow, there's a big difference. It is like eating a peeled banana.
—Guest bire

Circumcision Extends Time for Sex

Circumcision gives me more time during intercourse before I ejaculate.
—Guest kursh

does circumcision affect your sex life?

No, circumcision does not affect your sex life in my opinion.
—Guest brii cambal

Sometimes it's a concern

I'm not sure if it makes a difference or not but I do often become concerned as the skin around the circumcision it streatched so tightly that it feels as though it would rip. The skin is almost translucent due to the tightness and thinness.....It is not painful but it is concerning and I wish in hindsight that my parents would have left everything intact and as designed.
—Guest Willy Makeit

Others Opinions

I am not sure why so many people have opinions concerning the extent to which they believe ALL men must lose or not lose sexual sensation following circumcision in adulthood based only on their own personal experience of this, which may or may not be representative; why so many people fail to make the critical distinction between extent of sexual sensation loss and how concerned a given man might be about any given degree of loss; why so many people think they can make accurate judgments about how much loss a man they have had sex with has experienced from an adult (or infant) circumcision; or why people so often assume that a man circumcised in adulthood would feel the same sensations afterwards as a man circumcised in infancy--which is not likely given the great degree of neural plasticity which exists in infants but not adults.
—Guest GRCoulter

Ya Right

I remember that when I was born (1946) it was common practice that men where circumsized. My dad (thank God) told the doctors no. Later in the 70's there were many woman who found a difference with the men who were and those who where not. In fact one woman who had been with me"this great,I will always stay with"uncircumsized men". In other words she was going to find out first if they were in fact circumsized first. I had my share of woman ask that question of me many times then.


After having sex with my circumcised partner, he lasts longer and enjoys the act of sex the same as a guy who is uncut does, and experiences intense pleasure.
—Guest Claire

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