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Readers Respond: Does Circumcision Effect Your Sex Life?

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Updated October 28, 2013

Are you circumcised and/or have you had sex with someone who is? There is a lot of social baggage and hotly contested politics, not to mention a growing body of medical research, about the pros and cons of circumcision. But when it comes to your real experience of sex as a circumcised person, with someone who is circumcised, or both, what’s your take? Have Your Say

Circumcised at 19

Two years after my circumcision I'll be honest... there is some loss of sensitivity, and that makes me sad... but on the other hand I do appreciate the fact that it's always clean (no intact man can keep it that clean) and the look of it is definitely better...
—Guest french guy

foreskin is good

If you are atheist than you know that evolution made the body the way it is and we shouldn't change it if you are religious than you should know that god made your body the way it is and you shouldn't "challenge" god The foreskin has 20000 nerve endings and it protects the glans its there for a reason as for the one man who said "im circumcised and im just as sensetive as uncut guys" id like to tell you that circumcision decreases your penes sensitivity but doesn't mean you are less sensetive compared to others simply because evry person is different one more thing a man with no higen is going to be dirty regardless of his circumcision status
—Guest joe

Sensativity after circumcision

After circumcision which was my choice as an adult, sensitivity has still been excellent.Naturally the oversensitive glans dry up but all the nerves are still in the glans for feeling.My glans were very sensitive to start with and I couldn't rub my glans at all because it was unbareable but I still loved that unbareable feeling.The thought of making my internal organ an external organ forever was overwhelming to me and exciting too.I wanted it done on me,i wanted to be circumcised!My glans after 20 years now sometimes feel like I miss that warm feeling of my forskin but then I get all excited and realise I'm circumcised.I will never get used to it which is fantastic because I love the feeling of my glans being exposed.I think it looks sexy and erotic.Its sometimes hard not being able to pull forskin back over my glans but that's what circumcision is and Ill live with this feeling for the rest of my life.I absolutely love it.Direct friction on my glans is WOW!

Circumcision please

When I look at all the things women do to be more pleasing to a man visually or to the touch, I don't think that circumcision is such a big deal. I look at all the hair removal, walking in high heels that destroy your feet and spine, breast implants, lipo, botox, makeup and all the rest... men have a long way to go! Not the answer most want to hear but a very honest one none the less!
—Guest Ron

One woman's perspective

Obviously I cannot comment on how it feels to BE circumcised. But from what I've experienced, cut penises have always been WAY cleaner. (Again this is based only on my personal experience and is not necessarily true for everyone). Probably because these uncut men did not wash it properly...but I've never seen a dirty cut penis. Also I have never liked the feel of the extra skin in my mouth during oral, and I do think uncut looks better. However, I don't think one is better than the other. As this is only a personal preference. Mostly it was the bad hygiene that got to me the most...
—Guest Mel

Happy to be Circumcised

I was circumcised in my 20's. I always envied those guys who were circumcised. Trying to imagine not having a forskin over my glans was extremely erotic for me. My glans were extremely sensitive before I was circumcised and the thought of removing my forskin so that my sensitive glans had no more protection and that my glans would be exposed not just for an hour or a day or a WEEK but FOREVER, that thought was overwhelming. I wanted to have that feeling of making an internal organ an external organ and that changes a lot of sensation. For example, when you shower, just warm water flowing over a body part which is used to having skin over it is very different. Just sitting down or standing up makes the naked glans rub against clothing which is different. Walking makes the feeling different. It's amazing being circumcised. Now to sex...imagine...sensitive glans penetrating with direct friction with no foreskin inbetween is different but totally fantastic for me. I love being circumcised!


I'm uncircumcised, and it feels amazing. So glad my parents didn't circumcise me. I'm 17, and when I watch porn I never understood how circumcised men could last so long. They must not get the same feeling I do.
—Guest Mr Intact

New meaning of penis envy

I am cut and for much of my life it did not matter to me, as my sex life was ( I thought) great. Now I am in my forties and I am pissed off that I have no foreskin because with age the sexual system just does not get as excited, and sex doesn't feel anything like it used to. (Enjoy it as much as you can now young guys) I am crazy envious of uncut men now because I just know if my glans was still as it should be, I could experience the magic, fascinating pleasure that sexual arousal should be. the glans is by nature a mucus membrane, like the eyes, or inside the nose and mouth, that is a continuously wet, protected surface, the foreskin functions like the eyelid. When the foreskin is removed ( without consent of the owner) the glans, which should be as sensitive and pleasure-giving as the clitoris, is left out to dry, to constantly rub unprotected against clothing and becomes tough and much less sensitive to pleasureful touch, oh, it's sad and wasteful and makes me so angry. Dont circ
—Guest Cutman

one of the Best decisions I ever made.

I had a normal uncut penis for most of my life. Somehow, I picked up a 'Non-specific urethra dermatitis' which wouldnt go away. I began to 'wear' my foreskin pulled back at all times and this helped the conidition a lot, only returning if i left my foreskin pulled forward over my glans. I wore it like this for some months, then decided to get myself circumcised privately (local anesthetist, professional job). I never looked back. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. I was almost obsessively clean when it came to my penis, but even still I experienced a vast improvement - never being wet from excess urine after wiping or after sex etc. I always found masturbating with the foreskin held pulled back was far more pleasurable and this was still the case after circumcision. I never need lubrication even now. sex is better, and I last longer. Finally, I feel a circumcised penis looks way better (and also bigger as the glans is not restricted. Cannot recommend it enough.
—Guest Peter

Best Thing I Did

I was cut as an adult. One of the best things I ever did. Sex feels nice, I haven't noticed any lack of feeling or stimulation.
—Guest ants


I'm uncut and never had problem with sexual activities. It's just great. The best part, I don't and maybe never need some lube and somehow I think the skin around the head keep my penis over-sensitivity which might cause pre-ejaculation. About the health effect after circumcision, I think it's depend at every man self hygiene. Just keep it clean and everything will be alright. And if we talk about religious stuff. Well, God create man with foreskin (originally), sometimes I just don't get it, why that skin have to be cut? So, for me it's OK, depend every man think about it.

No Difference From My Perspective

I've been with both. Didn't find any difference? When its hard the foreskin retracts, same as cut. I don't get it? No difference in hygiene either. If its washed it remains clean?
—Guest bn with both

Infant circumcision

I was circumcised as a baby, would rather have been left alone. But having said that, I don't have any problem with sex, etc. But I left my son intact, and he seems quite happy to stay like that (he's 25 now).
—Guest A Male

adult circumcison

I was circumcised at the age of 30 i had envied other boys at in school lockers ect I got a rather tight circumcision so that the shaft skin was tight this restricted the length of my penis but the knob or glands near doubled in size my gf loves it Best thing i ever did
—Guest Ian

Balancing Rights

Nicely put. That's the process we went thougrh too. Almost exactly. I did appreciate the comments in your earlier piece because they gave me a lot to think about. I have wondered for some time about the line between a babys' human rights and a parent's right to decide. Thing is, the moms who iron their daughter's still developing breasts with hot rocks in parts of Africa are doing the best they can too. And genuinely believe it's the right thing for them. And parents who smack, which I am quite sensitive about believe the same. At what point do those things become a violation of the baby's rights? I don't know. But I think it's an excellent topic for us to consider in our decision making processes. A baby's right to breast milk? A baby's right to freedom of religion?
—Guest UETFSKooNxtXUQb

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Does Circumcision Effect Your Sex Life?

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