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Readers Respond: How Do You Define Sex?

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Updated January 05, 2010

Confused About Definitions of Sex

There are numerous scientific articles on sex and they are useless because they do not define sex for the purpose of the articles. For example, i am 70 years old and most of the articles i see say that at 70, twice a week is normal; and so i'm quite below normal because i do not have intercourse twice a week, or even even reach that sexual peak twice a week, but I kiss her and touch her more than twice a week, so i am oversex according to the articles, if that is what they mean, and they often talk about taking testosterone or viagra in the same articles. So, i don't know if they mean twice a week with that stuff or if in fact they mean other stuff. Can someone please tell me what is normal and define what they are talking about?
—Guest peter

Sex is for procreation

Sex is an act that involves a male and a female for reproduction.
—Guest virginia

Different uses of sex

If you are buying sex it it's to relieve. If solo sex, it's to fulfill a need. And when it's with an other it's comforting each others needs and fulfillment of one's love and need of sex. We use sex for many things but some times not for the right reason that god wanted.

Partner has as much involved as yourself

I believe to have a good and even great sex life, your partner has to be invested in the idea as much as yourself. I am over 30 years old and have had some really memorable experiences, but only with my recent partner that I have in my life, do I truly enjoy all aspects of sex. Open-minded and honesty have been the keys to this and truthfully you have to ask yourself what is it you want, be a little selfish and remember that it's your decision to be satisfied with your sex life. I personally only now have been honest and its paid off in 6 months what I didn't get in 10+ years previous. So select a partner that's perfect for you and it will never be an effort you carry by yourself and that my definition of sex.
—Guest bzb303

The Purpose of Sex

Is satisfying your instinct to produce offspring within the limits defined by the creator ALLAH. That limit is to get married rather than go wild as many people like to do.
—Guest mani

Sex is...

an emotional state of affection which two or more human beings or animals engage into for internal & external satisfaction.
—Guest Kenny Mokhele

Sex is good in the sight of God

Sex and religion may appear to be unlikely bedfellows, but most major religions have a lot to say about sexuality. And besides, saying that sex can be defined in spiritual terms doesn’t have to include organized religion. For some, sex is spiritual because they do feel like it brings them closer to a “higher power.” For others it is their personal religious beliefs that guide their sexual behaviors.
—Guest Rossy

Sex Is...

Sex is an aspect of love that is being practiced within the confines of marriage.
—Guest queen ikhide

What is sex

Sex can be said final destination of bodily touch and love exhibition. The love ends as soon as the game is over. You feel like resting and looking at it no more until you got energy enough to go again.
—Guest Rajendra

What is sex?

Sex is whatever each individual person defines it as. If someone I am attracted to does something to me that might be the same thing as my doctor does to me. One would be sex and the other would not. It has to do with intent.
—Guest Ruth L

Eye of the beholder

I think sex is in the eye (or other organ) of the beholder; you know it when you do it. Trying to define it in terms of certain acts, to make an exhaustive list of things that do or don't count, seems like a futile task.
—Guest Ovaltine

How do you define sex

Sex is a physical response to a love between a husband(man) and wife( woman). If they are Christians then there is a third person involved, Jesus Christ.
—Guest tallytowneades@aol.com

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How Do You Define Sex?

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