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Readers Respond: How Do You Define Sex?

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What is sex?

Sex is whatever each individual person defines it as. If someone I am attracted to does something to me that might be the same thing as my doctor does to me. One would be sex and the other would not. It has to do with intent.
—Guest Ruth L

Eye of the beholder

I think sex is in the eye (or other organ) of the beholder; you know it when you do it. Trying to define it in terms of certain acts, to make an exhaustive list of things that do or don't count, seems like a futile task.
—Guest Ovaltine

How do you define sex

Sex is a physical response to a love between a husband(man) and wife( woman). If they are Christians then there is a third person involved, Jesus Christ.
—Guest tallytowneades@aol.com

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