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Readers Respond: How Do You Define Sex?

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Updated January 05, 2010

From the article: What Is Sex?
For some people, sex means something you do in a bed with a person you love. For others, sex may be a solo romp in the living room. Sex can be defined a thousand ways, and there’s no single answer to what sex is. But having a personal definition and sharing it with others is a good place to start to get more of what you want sexually, however you define it. What’s your definition of sex? What's Your Answer?

Sex as old as time

To me sex is when two people, commit in the most oldest act, this has been going on for decades. Your great grandparents, grandparents, parents, and the list goes on. No mater how you phrase it, " it takes two, to tango"
—Guest Howitzer

Sex is showing you care

Sex is showing you care. Whether it is merely kissing or the act itself.
—Guest kdiva07

My definition of sex.

I see sex as the act of a male inserting his penis into a female's vagina. I don't consider "oral sex", fingering, kissing, masturbation, etc as the genuine act of sex. If a penis is not being put inside of a vagina, there is no chance of an egg being fertilized; therefore I don't consider it sex. I believe that any of the intimate acts I listed above should be able to be practiced outside of marriage without it being looked at as adultery. By the way, I am Seventh Day Adventist and I follow all 10 of The Commandments.
—Guest K.E

Sex is sexy

Sexy is when you feel sexy. So it is with sex. Our brain is a most sensitive sexual organ; trust it to decide for yourself what defines sex, regardless if it is flirting, fantasy or physical intercourse; it counts what is sex for you. Yet, do not expect others to feel like you; they likely do not. It always helps to be polite and ask. Never push your views on sexuality on others, but respect their own individual views; to discover other person(s) sexually - consenting of course - can be one of the most wonderful experiences one can share. Enjoy it while you can.
—Guest Sir Cameron

I'm confused

I have no idea what sex is all about even though I've been married on paper for 45 years. We had sex once thats it. He told me that it was disgusting, and promised it would never happen again and it hasn't. He won't talk to me lives his life in the basement and will only work the midnight shift. He won't even park his car next to mine. I really never experienced real sex or love. For some reason I believe in our vows, like they really do any good.
—Guest Amy

Sex is

Without doubt, sex is required for procreation, but in the larger sense, it is an intimate, essential aspect of our human relationships. Those of us who are gay are smitten with partners of the same sex, so yes, I am fulfilled with another man as my sexual partner. It is not only an expression of love, of course, else recreational sex would disappear. When a person is physically and emotionally attracted to another person, a sexual desire springs up, and to engage in a sexual act is the most natural urge. I am a man who happens to be fulfilled by another man; I'm gay and that's that.

Sex is...

In the physical aspect sex is about indulging in what excites you. About pleasure. It is also about survival and continuity. Sex is undefinable...it has as many meanings as there are people. Which answer is best? ALL! Sex is whatever we each think it to be.
—Guest ~CyKo~

Sex is Not Love

Sex is when living beings get together and put body parts inside other body parts. Everyone equates sex with love and, let's face it, that isn't true in all cases. Yes, in humans, sex is one of many ways to be intimate. But everyone knows people go out looking for one night stands just to get off. Stop equating sex as indivisible from love.
—Guest Mishkin

Sex Is...

The highway, orgasm is the destination. One can take the slow and scenic route with or without stops along the way, interstate expressway, or busy city traffic... Don't forget the trains, subways, or guided tours... The destination remains unchanged. the highway

My view on sex.

I think sex is the best aspect to the human body we were giving, the sex organs are there to just give us pleasure and when two people care about each other that is what they should want to give each other pleasurable things, I had a boy friend who thought sex was a very small part of a relationship and could go two wks with-out being intimate. I believe sex or being intimate sexually and given your partner and he me that kind of pleasure is very much part of a relationship and I also believe with out sex or with there being a little of your missing out on what I view to be the biggest and most special way of bonding and building up a closeness thats just yors and his to shae, have and to cherish. I love the act of sex/or making love.
—Guest kELLY

Biological Need

It is a biological need of a couple,in order to remain together for ever.The more they copulate,the more they r in love.Hence live in peace n harmony.It is a physical system required for procreation.
—Guest Sarum

The Love of Sexual Activity

Sex is showing love to your partner, expressed orally, extended kissing, or the traditional way [aka connecting your vagina with his penis]
—Guest Anonymous

What sex IS!

I'm tired of cultural prejudice masquerading as "science" ("...he believes that the customs of his tribe are the laws of nature." -G.B. Shaw) and what so-called "most" heteronormal herd members wish: Masturbation IS sex. GREAT sex. The BEST sex. "With someone I [actually] love." -Woody Allen. THE sex for the 21st century.

definition of sex

sex is an involvement in to emotional satisfaction of the male and female and also to show love to one another
—Guest jimmy otim

Definition of Sex

Sex is the pleasure between two people no matter what gender they are, sex is what drives you to want more of that person it shows the affection of one another. (:
—Guest sweetcheeks

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How Do You Define Sex?

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