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Readers Respond: How Do You Define Sex?

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From the article: What Is Sex?
For some people, sex means something you do in a bed with a person you love. For others, sex may be a solo romp in the living room. Sex can be defined a thousand ways, and there’s no single answer to what sex is. But having a personal definition and sharing it with others is a good place to start to get more of what you want sexually, however you define it. What’s your definition of sex?

My view on sex.

I think sex is the best aspect to the human body we were giving, the sex organs are there to just give us pleasure and when two people care about each other that is what they should want to give each other pleasurable things, I had a boy friend who thought sex was a very small part of a relationship and could go two wks with-out being intimate. I believe sex or being intimate sexually and given your partner and he me that kind of pleasure is very much part of a relationship and I also believe with out sex or with there being a little of your missing out on what I view to be the biggest and most special way of bonding and building up a closeness thats just yors and his to shae, have and to cherish. I love the act of sex/or making love.
—Guest kELLY

Biological Need

It is a biological need of a couple,in order to remain together for ever.The more they copulate,the more they r in love.Hence live in peace n harmony.It is a physical system required for procreation.
—Guest Sarum

The Love of Sexual Activity

Sex is showing love to your partner, expressed orally, extended kissing, or the traditional way [aka connecting your vagina with his penis]
—Guest Anonymous

What sex IS!

I'm tired of cultural prejudice masquerading as "science" ("...he believes that the customs of his tribe are the laws of nature." -G.B. Shaw) and what so-called "most" heteronormal herd members wish: Masturbation IS sex. GREAT sex. The BEST sex. "With someone I [actually] love." -Woody Allen. THE sex for the 21st century.

definition of sex

sex is an involvement in to emotional satisfaction of the male and female and also to show love to one another
—Guest jimmy otim

Definition of Sex

Sex is the pleasure between two people no matter what gender they are, sex is what drives you to want more of that person it shows the affection of one another. (:
—Guest sweetcheeks


To me sex means having a deep and warming feeling about each other.
—Guest Dahmme

Sex in the 21st Century

Sex in its purest and most liberating form, i.e., when it’s not poisoned by religion, guilt, sin, morals, fear, abuse, exploitation, control, male dominance, the stupid "Go forth and multiple" bigoted belief, is an act that can be performed solo (auto-eroticism) or consensually with one or more partners of the same or opposite gender. Very often, it’s intercourse with the goal of reaching orgasm, but unequivocally it’s done to give and receive PLEASURE. In this day and age when overpopulation should be everyone's concern, sex should not be strictly practiced for the sake of selfishly reproducing. Also, for many sex and love are inseparable. It depends on how one defines love and that’s one way of looking at it. But to say that sex without love or sex with no emotional connection is meaningless or less meaningful is to miss out on another dimension of sex that can be incredibly fulfilling as well. So be responsible, protect yourself, and have fun! Sex IS Great!
—Guest chakool

In a Nutshell

Sex is the satisfaction of an inert emotional desire within the boundary of marriage.
—Guest Rev Eze


Sex is the way to become one with the loved person.
—Guest Anna

Sex Is Expression

It is an expression of our deepest being searching for love and giving it through the body..
—Guest maunieh

Sex Is Just That - Sex

Sex is clearly not only between an act performed by two (or more) humans. Sex is involved in interactions in the animal world as well. It's easy to forget that. In this case, however, I'm sure we all want to define sex for human consumption. Sex enables two or more individuals to come together to express their love, their lust, their desire for bonding, their caring for each other. Whether we're talking about sex between men or sex between men and women, the principle is the same. The love expressed in a gay sexual relationship is equivalent to the love expressed in a straight sexual relationship. Random sex - with different partners, etc. - is just that...random; and will not reflect a loving relationship, whether straight or gay.

Sex Is Sacred

In my language sex is not only defined by what a male does with a female. Sex is an aspect of love that is practiced within the confines of marriage. It is a sacred gift of god and cannot be abused. Sex is a desire to fulfill the needs of every human being.
—Guest justine

Sex is a Gift

Sex is the most beautiful gift that God has given to us because it gives us "A little piece of Heaven".
—Guest God of Sex

Sex Is a Bond

Sex is a pleasure that is expressed physically to prove love and bond. It ties two hearts and souls together.
—Guest lal

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