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Readers Respond: Best Sex Positions

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Modified missionary position

After entering my partner in the traditional Missionary Position, we change things a bit. First, while fully implanted within her, I move my legs outside of hers, being careful to shift and support my weight on my knees, elbows and the bed rather than her. This puts her legs inside of mine. Next, with my calves under hers, we intertwine our legs and lock our ankles together. Finally, I slide up more towards her head to sit 'higher in the saddle'. This modified position puts more pressure on her pelvic area and heightens her sensation, locks us firmly together to prevent falling out, tightens her pelvic grip on me, makes it easier for me to raise myself with my arm and allows for maximum penetration and kisses and most importantly, enhances the whole experience for both of us. I've never seen this dealt with anywhere and wonder if others have tried this modification that makes an old standard SENSATIONAL!
—Guest Dave


This position was mentioned before (where the woman lays on her back and has her legs up over the man's shoulders or are crossed on his chest) this is almost the ONLY position I can reach orgasm in (female) so I have to say it's my favorite

Reverse traversii

Have male laying on his back. Woman on top and have woman sit on male(butt facing his face) insert erect penis into her vagina. Have her lay back and begin to thrust at own pace feel free to play with clitoris at same time:)
—Guest Guest


I love when women sit on your face and rocks back and front,
—Guest al

A Position with No Name

With the woman on her front, lay on top for vaginal penetration. Once in, push your upper body up right and have her close her legs as you maneuver to straddle her. Put your hands on her tail bone for leverage. Pulling and thrusting at various speeds and depth. Very pleasurable for both of you.
—Guest the cow boy

Favorite (different) sex position

My wife and I stumbled onto this position. Start off spooning facing to the right(left shoulder against the bed). We roll mostly (3/4) onto our backs with me penetrating her. This angle gives great g-spot stimulation. My left hand can reach down to give her thighs and clitoris attention. My right arm goes around underneath her shoulders and that hand comes to rest on her right breast. My face ends up in a position where we can kiss, or I can put my face against her left breast. I stay very busy in this position and it works great for both of us.
—Guest mocheeks444

woman on top

It allows you to caress her breasts, kiss the neck and allow her control the depth of penetration!
—Guest Blackrock

Women on top

This is the position i and my guy enjoy most because it makes it easer for me to come and reach climax even enjoy love making. I love this......
—Guest Sade

Women on Top

I agree with Guestkamalkan. From my female point of view, you can get him deep inside of you and even better if he rises up his hips and both of you are following the same pace. I love the feeling of power that it gives me, as I can hold his hands while on top of him. And yes, the most satisfactory orgasms that I have experienced have been achieved on this position.

She Likes One Thing, I Like Another

This style is very interesting for my partner but for me I prefer doggy style which she never enjoys.
—Guest t boy

Side by Side

I and my wife enjoy side by side position the most. By this she gets deep penetration and same time she get her clit rubbed by me. This is an awsome position to reach faster orgasam.
—Guest Hasan

variation on reverse cowgirl

Have the male on his back spread his legs, then the female can back up into his erect penis. The female can become quite comfortable by taking a position on the hands and knees..sliding her legs under his until her legs are parallel with his abdomen...so many varying penetration and speed depths here...try it!
—Guest drea


very entertaining and good for every man to feel the heat coming from behind and all over the body
—Guest mleya

Chair Positions

I love straddling my partner while he sits in a chair, when I reach back it allows for deeper penetration. He likes it because he gets to hold onto my hips and butt while getting a good view of my breasts.
—Guest mermaid

Snake Position

A sweet variation on "Cowgirl" (yee-haw!) is the "Snake" where the woman on top lays fully down on the man, i.e. a fully "reversed" Missionary. This allows for the most and THE BEST body contact as well as slows the male orgasm. "Do-me-do-me-do-me all ni-eeeght" (Aerosmith)
—Guest Vallin

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