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Readers Respond: Best Sex Positions

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Updated October 29, 2011


Try the scissors. If your strait, gay, or lesbian. This really lets you have control. I like this one because of the fact you can kiss, and play with your partners chest.
—Guest LezGirl

Using My Legs in Missionary

I like it when a guy goes deep into me while in the missionary position, and when he is about to come and I am about to orgasm, I squeeze my legs together hard either side of his hips which will slow him down. He then has to fight harder to come and it pleasures me watching him do so.
—Guest .

She's On Top

My woman comes on top. As she controls the rhythm and speed, she is able to orgasm! I am able to caress her breasts, knead her body to make her get maximum arousal. I love to see her fall flat on me once she comes. Enables me to kiss her all over.
—Guest sarum

Butt Up High

One of the best ways to position your girlfriend is to have her lay on her back. Her butt is propped up high on pillows between your legs.

Masturbation Position

I justlove the knees bent and legs spread masturbation position.
—Guest Jeff

Not Sure What to Call this Position

Laying over side of settee head on carpet upper body straight legs apart partner looks like he doing press up on you.
—Guest Vicky

Leap frog position

good position for older seniors enjoyed the position after having problems with other positions due to age and pain enjoyed this one, I never would have thought of this one.
—Guest hjy@videotron.ca

woman on top

This my favorite position. I can control the rhythm and depth. My orgasm is always wilder in this position. I also enjoy the old fashion missionary position.
—Guest wildflower

men on top

i love to use different speed and penetration while fucking. slowing down suddenly while fucking. instead of full penetration just moving the tip in and out her pussy and suddenly increase the speed or full penetration.
—Guest ganesh

Doggy Style

Doggy is my favorite because he can penetrate and and at the same time rub the clit with one hand, and his other hand grabs and caress the breasts, all happening at one time and you will blow up.

sitting straight

sitting down and wrapping my legs around him while kissing and he does slow easy penetration and once in,stays in for a longer time and we enjoy it. give it a try and you will like it.

Sweety thrill

hold her breasts with both hands and kiss her lips gently. let her hold your shoulders and pressing smoothly from upwards-she should be on the top; of course topless. try this simple mode off and on and express your feelings. welcome to the amazing world of kamasutra.
—Guest kochuttan

Modified missionary position

After entering my partner in the traditional Missionary Position, we change things a bit. First, while fully implanted within her, I move my legs outside of hers, being careful to shift and support my weight on my knees, elbows and the bed rather than her. This puts her legs inside of mine. Next, with my calves under hers, we intertwine our legs and lock our ankles together. Finally, I slide up more towards her head to sit 'higher in the saddle'. This modified position puts more pressure on her pelvic area and heightens her sensation, locks us firmly together to prevent falling out, tightens her pelvic grip on me, makes it easier for me to raise myself with my arm and allows for maximum penetration and kisses and most importantly, enhances the whole experience for both of us. I've never seen this dealt with anywhere and wonder if others have tried this modification that makes an old standard SENSATIONAL!
—Guest Dave


This position was mentioned before (where the woman lays on her back and has her legs up over the man's shoulders or are crossed on his chest) this is almost the ONLY position I can reach orgasm in (female) so I have to say it's my favorite

Reverse traversii

Have male laying on his back. Woman on top and have woman sit on male(butt facing his face) insert erect penis into her vagina. Have her lay back and begin to thrust at own pace feel free to play with clitoris at same time:)
—Guest Guest

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Best Sex Positions

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