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Readers Respond: Best Sex Positions

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Updated October 29, 2011

Doggie Style and Woman on Top

I love doggie style. It feels amazing! And woman on top is so great. My boyfriend loves these too.
—Guest you know

Face Down, Ass Up in the Air

As a recipient in anal sex, I have to note that I was always most comfortable laying in a prone position, with my man behind me. I found that I was able to spread my anus wide-open for him, and while his pleasure was assured, mine was exquisite. I am often told that a more favorable position for a man to receive anal penetration is on his back, so that eye-contact can be made with the top. The sensations, however, from this rear entry were, for me, absolute dynamite.

Doggy Style

For quite sometime I was not very sure whether I would be able to perform better in this position. One has to explore many positions but once I tried it, it really worked well as the g-spot gets maximum stimulation. There is ample room to use the legs and hips. You can move faster to increase pleasure, you can knead the breasts and above all the clit can be simultaneously rubbed with the hands to make a woman reach orgasm. All said and done, it is highly enjoyable.
—Guest kamalkan

Ones That Allow Touch and Connection

There is so much pleasure to be found fondling and kissing the breasts and nipples that multiple climaxes can be achieved before ever kissing or caressing the genitals. The beauty is in the ride to bringing your lover pleasure, to see the expression on her face and feel her body shudder to your touch that I often climax without ever concentrating on my own gratification. The beauty is in the journey, the joy is in the caresses after you are spent from hours of love making with that one person who means so much to you. If it were all just orgasms, I would rather take matters into my own hands, so to speak. Truly, communication with your partner is the ultimate expression of loving her completely.
—Guest Sarah

Anal Sex Advice From A Gay Man

Great positions.. bottoms, lay on your back with a pillow under your head and scoot your hips so they almost hang off the bed, top can either stand, kneel or squat to get the right height. The springs in the mattress do much of the motion for you so you can relax. I place a mirror at an angle next to him on the floor so I can watch him penetrate... why should tops be the only one to enjoy the visual? ANOTHER, ride him in reverse cowgirl... I will almost guarantee you find you can work your hips better. Listen to "him" and you will see what I mean. I learned this from seeing a reflection in the mirror. I noticed I could move better but also I could make his eyes roll back at any time I wanted to. Tops, try this on a sofa or with you sitting up, reach around to her breasts or his nips.. you'll "feel" the difference! Bottoms, once you get the hang of things, you can focus some attention on him and incorporate his "likes" along with what helps you able to enjoy anal sex.
—Guest Sacredaustin

Women on Top

Having performed in many positions for many number of years, I strongly feel that the best position which not only makes both of them to come, but gives a great sense of satisfaction, is the women on top position. It gives ample time for adjustment and variation in rhythm and speed can be tried, as women take longer to experience orgasm, it helps the man to hold on, as he doesn't exert much. It increases the wetness in women, which can be felt. The hardness of the man is at its best as the position is inverted. I definitely agree with all those who are in favor of this position. There is an additional great feeling when the man is at the edge of the bed because the position makes him tilt a bit in front and penetrate deeper. Sure it gives a highly satisfactory orgasm for the woman.
—Guest kamalkan

The Windmill

Do the windmill while inside of the woman and you will hit that G spot. Works for me every time.
—Guest Mike Martin

More Positions For You to Try

There is another position that is pleasurable, known as the buck, where the woman's legs are over the man's shoulders. It's good for deep penetration. Froggy style where the woman squats over the man with her legs spread apart and the man pulling her hips, another position is the where the man holds the woman up in front of him and she wraps her legs around his waist
—Guest try anything

Missionary Position

The missionary is emotionally connecting. Love kissing, grabbing on to his butt and grinding myself against him.
—Guest Fara

Woman on Top

Trust me this position is the best for women, you can be in control and easily get orgasms.
—Guest Leesa

Women on Top

I like being on top of my man. That way I'm in control and I can choose how deep I want him in me. And I choose the speed. Man it feels so bomb!
—Guest Monique

Woman on Top

I've tried some sex positions, but it's the woman on top that makes my partner comes to orgasm easily.
—Guest neurotic

Best Sex Positions by Age

Sitting on the lap and facing each other may be easier for younger couples. But I suggest rear entry as one of the best positions for middle aged people, whereby the woman can spread her legs and the man can easily do it from behind.
—Guest kamalkan

Missionary Position

I find it helpful to brace my feet against the bed's headboard, thrusting is more pleasurable.

Woman On Top

Have been very much in favour of my woman coming on top and the advantages are as follows: 1. Can face each other 2. Penetration is deep. 3. So close that kissing and sucking the breasts takes place smoothly. Woman gets aroused because of fondling of the breasts by hand and mouth. 4. Woman in control, gives her enough freedom to adjust speed and rhythm. 5. Enables man to delay ejaculation as he is not very active. 6. If woman gets tired, man can pump from underneath. 7. While experiencing orgasm, woman falling on the man and holding on to the shaft takes one to dizzy heights.
—Guest kamalkan

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Best Sex Positions

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