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Readers Respond: Best Sex Positions

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Best Sex Positions by Age

Sitting on the lap and facing each other may be easier for younger couples. But I suggest rear entry as one of the best positions for middle aged people, whereby the woman can spread her legs and the man can easily do it from behind.
—Guest kamalkan

Missionary Position

I find it helpful to brace my feet against the bed's headboard, thrusting is more pleasurable.

Woman On Top

Have been very much in favour of my woman coming on top and the advantages are as follows: 1. Can face each other 2. Penetration is deep. 3. So close that kissing and sucking the breasts takes place smoothly. Woman gets aroused because of fondling of the breasts by hand and mouth. 4. Woman in control, gives her enough freedom to adjust speed and rhythm. 5. Enables man to delay ejaculation as he is not very active. 6. If woman gets tired, man can pump from underneath. 7. While experiencing orgasm, woman falling on the man and holding on to the shaft takes one to dizzy heights.
—Guest kamalkan

Little Of Everything

I like a little of everything. But the ones I like most of all are doggy style and woman on top.
—Guest E.R

Favorite Sex Positions Spice it Up

It is always better to explore many positions so that your sex life is spiced up. I love missionary, woman on top and doggy positions as I am able to give maximum pleasure to my wife. While giving oral, I like to lie down on my back and have her move her body on my mouth.
—Guest kamalkan


Though this position can be good for the receiver, the performer, being the only active person, will be taxed and the chances of early ejaculation is very high. But if the performer has the necessary staying power,he can give a great amount of satisfaction to the receiver.
—Guest kamalkan

The Neck as an Erogenous Zone

I love it when my man kisses and sucks on my neck, it makes me feel like the sexiest woman he has ever touched. I also love when the holds my neck while we are having sex. It's possessive and tender. It's a really turn on.
—Guest Whispering eye

Love the Leap Frog Position

It is great for pregnancy too! The tummy wont get mushed.

Sitting In a Chair

While performing sex in this position I can touch my mates boobs and suck them and also french kiss her. It's really romantic.
—Guest Yo hero

My Favorite Oral Sex Position

I really like it when sitting on a man's face while he is giving me oral sex and at the same time he has my legs on lock down while my knees are hanging over his shoulder, so i can not get away. That's really a turn on.
—Guest panda

Doggy Style Is Favorite

My favorite position is doggie style. I can rub my clit and I can tell partner how much I want and let him know when to slow down or go faster and deeper. He likes it also, because he has a great view of his penis penetrating my vagina.
—Guest strawberrybanana

Body wisdom

Honor the wisdom of your bodies throughout your dance of lovemaking. You may observe that different positions may trigger different moods. Peaceful positions may bring about a feeling of mutual surrender – the willingness to become an empty cup and the anticipation of becoming fulfilled, while other positions allow you to access the aggressive, dominator or submissive aspect of yourselves. Emotional desires, energy levels and needs are other factors. For example, the side-by-side position suggests psychological equality and is not physically taxing for either partner. Some positions are more suitable for soft style arousal or yin energy. They can be employed initially or enjoyed later as transition poses. Rather than following a script or lineup of sex positions, allow your body wisdom to suggest your next move.

mind concentration

I can enjoy sex only when i kiss her body with concentration. I kiss each part very deeply, it consumes 5 to 10 minutes.
—Guest yaduuu

best sex positions

Each person laying down giving oral sex to the other. Getting off together and each staying until the other is off and done.
—Guest love it

My favorite sex position

I love the thought of being pinned against a wall and being taken from behind.
—Guest Zaraa x

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