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Readers Respond: Best Sex Positions

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Updated October 29, 2011

From the article: The Six Basic Sex Positions
People often look to sex positions to shake up their sexual routine and get a fresh perspective on an old sex act. Is the magic of a new sex position the way it makes you feel, where it allows you to reach, or some combination of mind, body, and spirit? Are all sex positions created equal, and in your opinion, what makes a great sex position? Share Your Favorite!

Use A Prop!

I’m gay and learned “the best sex position” at 18 from an older man (40-ish). The position is so simple yet so satisfying. And it enabled me to “give it up” and experience his Alpha aggression and masculine power as a participant, not as a thing being used. He had an old low-backed leather chair. He had me straddle its arms, facing the back and leaning forward onto the headrest. My buttocks were lifted and splayed apart, my back arched naturally. He stood behind me, took aim, held my hips, then penetrated me from behind (he’d prepared me or I’d have gone through the ceiling!) Intimacy wasn’t our goal, but our position created strong feelings of primal, animalistic, obscene eroticism which triggered a wide range of emotions. At times he would lean across me, clasp onto my shoulders and shag, while I would undulate and “twerk,” to give him a moving target. Several simultaneous orgasms ensured addition of this position to my list of favorites!
—Guest Josh

Edge of the bed

my wife on the edge of the bed on her back, with her legs on my shoulders and/or down on her chest. It gives me the ability to stroke directly back and forth on her clit and/or enter her directly controlloing the depth and speed of thrusting. I can use my hands on her breasts and body or I can use her thighs to pull her harder and deeper onto me. She can use her hands on my back, body and to massage and squeeze my balls. By leaning down onto her we can have full contact and kiss or I can use my mouth to suck on her tits and nipples. We have a lot of variations here as to what we can do depending on what we want. A very satisfying and pleasing position for us. If we did, which we don't, it would probably be very good for anal sex, as well.

her legs over my shoulders.

My spouse loves it when she is on edge of bed her legs over my shoulders and I penetrating her slowly it really turns her on and drives her wild..my problem is sometimes I don`t stay hard long enough..
—Guest george51

Doggy style for me

Being gay, I love doggy style sex with lots of lube. I enter from behind while jerking off my partner at the same time. While I want fast and furious, I find that slowing things down can result in a great climax.
—Guest Andrew

sex positions

I like cowgirl because I can better control his penetration.

Missionary Plus

My husband and I like to get together in the normal missionary position and then I will get him to raise up enough to let me get my hand down between us. As I rub he says he gets an incredible tingling sensation. When I have my orgasm it is great for me as always but also lets him feel all my contractions. Often times we can time things out where we have our orgasms at the same time. Great fun.
—Guest BigGee

Pick Up - Standing in the Shower

some of the best mutual orgasms that me and my girlfriend have had together started in the shower.. id pick her up set her on me erect and usually hold one hand under her and the other around her body holding her tightly all while standing up.. this is incredible.. while most intense in a shower weve learned anywhere is sufficient.
—Guest glenny

Sideways on the Bed

If your bed is tall enough, let him stand and you lay on your side put your knees up to your chest and place your vagina at the side of the bed this makes it tighter for him as well as hits your "g spot".
—Guest :-)

spooning sideways

I love my woman lying on her back, with her right leg up and my legs between hers. This way I have a good access to her vagina sideways. As I enter slow and continue slow motions in and out, she is raising her bum slowly and is lying on my abdomen with me having a full penetration. She is having a good solid support and is pumping as well, with me just grinding her vagina. The penetration is very deep, and the use of shaft and head is full. A very satisfying position, allows long stay and explosive orgasm.
—Guest Harry

I have 3 favs

I love when my husband is one top and my legs are over his shoulders, he can hit the "G Spot" oh so well, but he hits that spot no matter what really lol. I also love when im on the edge of the bed and my legs are on his shoulders, its amazing! Im not sure what this one is called but its awesome! hes on his side and im on my back, i guess you could say we are almost in an "L" position or almost a right angle. My left leg goes over his left leg and my right leg goes between his legs. Its a super intense position, I will take my right arm and put it between him legs so im grabbing onto his top (left) leg to help pull him in closer. Super deep penetration with this one, we both love it! The only down fall is there is no face to face contact, but we make sure to do plenty of positions and end with that one ;) Oh on the staircase is a great one, we do a doggy style type position with that one.
—Guest Sidney

Me on Top

I love being on top grinding my vagina onto my boyfriends penis because it simulates my clitoris also :)
—Guest Stacy

Slower the Better

Personally as a male I find it better to go slower. I have found going fast can hurt the lady. Also by going fast you are limited in movement. Going slow allows me to get it all in and just leave it there for a few seconds. As for positions I do enjoy missionary the most but the problem is the lady's bum is quite low and so without a pillow under her bum I find I do sometimes slip out.
—Guest Pete

Missionary Plus

I love it when I am on top (boy) cause I get to see her face and her breasts. I like it when her breasts are in my face so I normally lay ON her in between her breasts, while doing the missionary. It is very important not to go too fast or too hard let her tell you. Then while you are in her, take your mouth and hands to her breasts and ass.
—Guest sex beast

Standing Doggy

The standing Doggy (receiving partners hand squared on the bed) is best sex style for me because I last for 15-20minutes. It's an awesome a position, just try it and see yourself lasting longer with dual passion.
—Guest Vella


My husband likes having control in sex, and because of this he likes the missionary position. I like it because it can suit everything from intimate lovemaking to purely physical sex.
—Guest Maxim

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Best Sex Positions

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