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From the article: Vibrator Reviews
The difference between a great and a so-so vibrator is so individual that recommending a vibrator, even to a close friend or partner, can be tricky. But as vibrators become more popular the options continue to grow, and it’s hard to know where to begin your vibrator journey. We can all take something away from other people’s experiences, so share your vibrator reviews and wisdom, and tell us which vibrators are your favorites and why.

vibrators and men

On the back of our penis near the tip just under were the head comes to a point, there is a dime sized area very senseitve to strong electric vibrators. heres one to try Homedics model pa-5h veriable pitch, must use lube oil based if possible. when you hit that spot your goin to space!
—Guest Bob Queen

Jessica Rabbit Bingo &/or Purple thunde

the clit stim is a thousand times better than any rabbit and the stimulation it delivers on the inside is fantastic compared to the other 4 vibs i've had
—Guest dae

My Celebrator

Hands down the BEST clitoral vibrator ever!!! Kinda like an electric toothbrush, but it has a silicone tip on it for pinpoint pleasure. I Highly recommend it!!

Best Vibes for partner or single use

Hi, talking about best vibes really depends on the situation. For use with my partner (married over 20 years) we love the We Vibe. This works best with woman on top, but other positions work as well. Another choice for getting off quickly is the Lelo Siri; the Lelo line is always reliable, but the Siri seems the best for me of the few that I have. Both of these vibes are also quiet, which is a huge plus for us (teenagers with weird sleep patterns at home).
—Guest Guest laurie

The Waterproof Rabbit

Today I bought the waterproof rabbit vibrator and at first I was concerned by it's size but it's the perfect fit and OMG it's AMAZING!!!!! I orgasmed for the first time in my life and not just once!! This product is for all types of users, I'm a beginner to sex toys but it won't hold any user back from reaching climax. It's has 3 different vibration settings and 3 different head swivel settings. It cost me $60 from an adult shop. I would recommend it 5000 times over ladies and men thinking of buying one for their wife?! DO IT you won't be disappointed trust me. Oh & have fun ;) with your battery operated boyfriend BOB ;) hehe
—Guest Jen bunny

Booty Beads

This is the best starter vibrator for men. I recommend it to everyone, totally pleasurable for both male and female.
—Guest Cookie

The Best Ever Eroscillator

The best for me is The Eroscillator!!!!! Hands down it's the best. It's electric so you don't have to worry about it running down. It's dependable. Disease free. Great for clitoral stimulation and fun if you have an open minded partner. It's a high end product costing over 100 dollars but it money well spent. Try it, you will be amazed.
—Guest becky

Fleshlight Is Best

I masturbate daily by hand. But I bought a Fleshlight and it is the best masturbation I have ever had.
—Guest gary

Electric Coil Vibrators

It has to be electric with a round cupped head. The vibrations per second have to be adequate or it is tantamount to a coke with no fizz. It is one of those situation where you have to experiment for the right fit and vibrations.
—Guest soapberryusa
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