1. People & Relationships

What’s Your Fantasy?

Whether you’re an expert at swinging from the ceiling vines or a nervous newcomer to the idea of dressing up and getting down, check out these ideas on fantasy sexual role play and open a new world of sexual possibilities.

Sexuality Spotlight10

Sexuality, Disability, and Surrogacy

Do people have a right to sexual expression? A debate in France about disability and sexual surrogacy raises many questions and offers few answers.

He Takes Too Long to Finish

A woman is frustrated with how long it takes for her partner to orgasm and is worried it may end their relationship.

How Do You Define Delayed Ejaculation?

How is the term delayed ejaculation defined, and who gets to decide how long is too long for orgasm or ejaculation in males.

I'm Not In the Mood for Sex But My Partner Is

What are your options when one of you is in the mood for sex and one of you isn't?

Tips for Talking About Sex During Pregnancy

Feeling stuck and unsure how to start a conversation with your partner or spouse about sex during pregnancy? Here's a five point plan to get you started.

Changes in Your Sex Life During Pregnancy

Six common ways that sex and sexuality change during pregnancy, and what you can do about it.

The Trouble with Normal Sex

If you're wondering whether your normal when it comes to sex, you are asking yourself the wrong question. Here's why.

Sexual Expectations

How six common beliefs about what sex is supposed to be like can ruin your sex life.

Sex Question of the Week: Trans Guy, No Orgasms

Advice for a trans man who has never had an orgasm and feels the weight of sexual frustration and the expectations of others.

I Found Out My Kid is Searching for Porn

Advice to a parent who found pornography on their family computer and isn't sure how to talk with their kids about it.

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