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Erectile Dysfunction Products

Products Used to Treat Erectile Dysfunction


Updated February 09, 2011

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If you're experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED) and are either not interested or not able to use erectile dysfunction drugs for treatment, there is one product that has been clinically tested for treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction Pump

Not to be confused with the inexpensive and untested penis pumps you find in a sex shop, these products, known as vacuum pumps, vacuum devices, and sometimes vasoconstriction devices, have been properly tested for safety and effectiveness. That said, they work essentially the same way as a penis pump, by drawing blood into the penis, creating an erection. A vacuum pump on its own will only create an erection while the penis is inside the pump. In order to maintain an erection, erectile dysfunction pumps are used with rings, called constriction rings, that hold blood in the penis.

Vacuum pumps are the only products that can be described as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. There are many other products that have not been tested, and don't treat, but may provide help or an alternative to treatment for erectile dysfunction. These products are collectively known as sex toys.

Sex Toys and Erectile Dysfunction

Sex toys are not medical devices and very few have been properly tested, even by basic consumer product standards. For this reason, sex toys cannot be said to be a treatment for erectile dysfunction. However, sex toys open up opportunities for different kinds of sex play, and while they may not produce an erection, they can help a couple create more sexual stimulation, sexual pleasure, and sexual satisfaction. They may also, for some men, change the way erections feel.

Before Using Erectile Dysfunction Products
Difficulties with erections may be an early warning sign of other serious health problems, so before using any treatments for ED you should talk with your doctor and have a complete physical.


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