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Understanding infidelity and how to talk about and work through infidelity in relationships.

Infidelity, Adultery, or Cheating
What is the difference between infidelity, adultery, and cheating?

What Counts as Cheating?
Determining when you've crossed the line in a committed relationship.

How Common Is Infidelity?
Summarizes research on how common or prevalent infidelity is in couples who are, or have been, in committed relationships.

If You Cheat, Do You Tell?
If you cheated, should you tell your partner? Reasons both for and against telling a partner about something you did that you consider cheating.

How Do I Tell That I Cheated?
Tips on how to tell a partner you have cheated on them.

Sexual Infidelity
Suggestions on working through sexual infidelity with a partner.

Learn about different definitions of infidelity, how common it is, and ideas on how to talk about and work through sexual infidelity with a partner or spouse.

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