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Anal Play and Anal Sex

Anal play and anal sex are not exactly the same thing. If you're curious about incorporating one, the other, or both into your sex life, here you'll find tips on the mechanics, communication, and safety issues involved in having safer and pleasurable anal play.

All About Anal Sex
Anal sex tips and information on how to have anal sex safely and without pain.

Anal Play 101
Five simple rules everyone should know for exploring and enjoying anal play.

First Time Anal Sex
Everything you need to know to make your first experience with anal sex a pleasurable one.

Tips for Anal Masturbation
You may be your own best testing ground. Here's a step by step guide to anal masturbation.

How to Have Anal Sex
A step by step guide to safer and more pleasurable anal sex.

Bend Over, Boyfriend
Also known as pegging (see below) Bend Over, Boyfriend became the first popularized way of talking about anal intercourse where the woman penetrates the man. Learn more about the history and technique of BOB.

What Is Pegging?
An explanation of the term pegging, which is used to describe anal penetration in heterosexual couples where the woman penetrates the man.

Tips for Pegging
Tips on pegging or the act of male anal penetration by a female partner. Includes ideas on talking about pegging, toys to choose for pegging, and safer sex considerations.

How to Find and Stimulate the Prostate
A step by step guide to finding the prostate gland and prostate stimulation.

Anal Sex Videos
For those who prefer moving picture education, recommended educational anal sex videos.

Anal Sex Books
Perhaps more than other kinds of sex, anal sex requires at least a little bit of homework if you want to do it safely and pleasurably. All of the books below, arguably, tell you more than you need to know about anal sex, and you may not read any of them cover to cover. But each offers straightforward, accurate, and myth-busting information that will almost certainly increase the odds of you hav…

Anal Sex Statistics
Statistics on the prevalence of heterosexual anal sex.

Anal Retentive and Wondering
An explanation of the procedure for removing foreign objects from the rectum, including sex toys.

How Common Is Heterosexual Anal Sex?
Is heterosexual anal sex really “the new black”? How can we tell if people are having more anal sex or simply reporting it more honestly?

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