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Sexual Communication & Relationships

Navigate the complicated world of sexual communication and sexual relationships. With ideas and suggestions for talking to your partners about sex, understanding alternative relationships, and expanding your own sexual relationships through communication.
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  2. Talking With Partners (18)
  3. Alternative Relationships (10)
  4. Infidelity (7)
  5. Communication Quick Tips (10)

Talking to Your Doctor About Sex and Heart Disease
Tips on talking to your doctor about sex and heart disease, and sexual activity after having a heart attack.

Sex and Palliative Care
Asking questions about sex and sexuality in a palliative care setting can be daunting. Here are some ideas about how to raise the topic of sex with your doctor when you or a loved one is receiving palliative care.

The Problem of Desire in Long-Term Relationships
Therapist and author Esther Perel talks about the causes of diminished desire and sex in long-term committed relationships and ways couples can rethink about desire in their committed relationships.

Talking about Sex
Talking about sex can be a tricky endeavor. Whether we need to talk with our romantic partner, our doctor, or providing sex education to our kids, sex talk can bring out all our insecurities and highlight our lack of sexual knowledge. Get straight talking sex advice on how to talk about sex with anyone, and find out what sex education and sex research can teach you about talking about sex.

Talk about Sex and Infertility
Suggestions on how to talk with your partner about your sex life while dealing with infertility.

Barriers to good sexual communication
Learn about the major barriers to good sexual communication, and why most of us find it so hard to talk about sex.

Tips on Talking to Your Doctor About Sex
Offers suggestions on how to talk to your doctor or health care practitioner about sexual concerns.

Sexual Sign Language
About.com's Guide to Deafness/Hard of Hearing offers these resources for signing about sexuality.

Talk to a Doctor About Erectile Dysfunction
Tips on talking with a doctor about erectile dysfunction.

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