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Non Latex Condoms

What is Available and Where Can I Buy Non Latex Condoms?


There are currently four condom materials that are available as an option for people who are allergic to latex condoms. Only three of these materials - polyurethane, polyisoprene, and nitrile - are protective of both unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. The fourth, and oldest material, lambskin, only provides contraceptive protection, and doesn't protect against STDs. Read more about the effectiveness of non-latex condoms.

Lifestyles SKYN

Lifestyles SKYN condoms
Image courtesy of Lifestyle Condoms
For people with latex allergies, SKYN condoms are an amazing breakthrough and, thankfully, a much more affordable option for protection from pregnancy and STDs including HIV. Not just for people with latex allergies, the feel of SKYN is noticeably different and they may be preferred by people without latex allergies as a regular use condom. SKYN is made from a synthetic material called polyisoprene which is stretchy and form fitting unlike polyurethane condoms. SKYN condoms are not as thin as polyurethane condoms, but in most cases they will fit better. Condoms cost between $12-$14 for a box of 12 condoms

Durex Avanti BARE Condoms

Durex Avanti Bare Non Latex Condoms
Durex Condoms
Durex was the first company to introduce a non-latex male condom that was safe for both contraception and protection of STIs.  The condoms were originally called Avanti and made of polyurethane (the same material the female condom is made from).  With the introduction of polyisoprene the Avanti condoms are now called Avanti BARE (I'm not sure if this use of all caps is a trend in condoms, but I don't like it), they are much less expensive than the original Avanti, and now made of polyisoprene.

Trojan Supra Male Non-Latex Condom

Image courtesy of Pricegrabber.
Trojan Supra condoms are also made of polyurethane and have all the benefits and drawbacks of the Avanti brand. When it first came out, it was only available with a spermicidal lubricant. This made little sense, as people with latex allergies may also have other allergies and chemical sensitivities, and many others react to spermicide. Trojan now makes the Supra without spermicide (shown here), though you should pay special attention when making your purchase to ensure you're buying the version you want.

Trojan Naturalamb Natural Skin Condoms

Image courtesy of Pricegrabber.
People have been making condoms out of natural animal skins for centuries. Trojan's Naturalamb is one of the last remaining brands widely available. Some people who use them rave about their comfort, while others complain that there is a distinct farm-like smell to them. The most important thing to know about natural membrane condoms is that they do not provide protection from STDs -- they are only effective as a barrier for contraception.
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Female Condom FC2

Image courtesy of Pricegrabber.
This is the second generation female condom made of nitrile, which is quieter than the original polyurethane material. It can be difficult the first few times you use one, but in addition to the internal protection against the transmission of bodily fluids it offers, the female condom is also thought to protect part of the external genitalia, as the ring "hangs out" of the body and provides a barrier. The FC2 provides both contraceptive and STD protection.
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