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Lifetyles SKYN Non-Latex Condoms

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Lifestyles SKYN condoms
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The Bottom Line

For people with latex allergies, SKYN condoms are an amazing breakthrough and, thankfully, a much more affordable option for protection from pregnancy and STDs including HIV. Not just for people with latex allergies, the feel of SKYN is noticeably different and they may be preferred by people without latex allergies as a regular use condom.


  • Made of a new non-latex material, polyisoprene, so safe for use by those with latex allergies.
  • FDA approved and, when used properly, provide protection against pregnancy and STDs.
  • They are more stretchy and more comfortable than the current polyurethane condoms on the market.
  • SKYN are the most affordable non-latex condom option on the market.


  • SKYN condoms are not as thin as other non-latex condoms.


  • A non-latex condom made from polyisoprene, with a lower slippage and breakage rate than other non-latex condoms.
  • Stretchy and comfortable, SKYN condoms are FDA approved and provide both contraceptive and STD protection.
  • Measurements: Length, 190mm; Width, 52mm; Thickness, 0.07mm.
  • Manufacturer: Lifestyles Brand/Ansell
  • Cost: Between $12-$14 for a box of 12 condoms

Guide Review - Lifetyles SKYN Non-Latex Condoms

SKYN is the first new condom material introduced into the market since the non-latex polyurethane condoms became available in the 1990s. SKYN is made from a synthetic material called polyisoprene. Polyisoprene has no latex proteins and is safe for those with latex allergies, but it is also a stretchy and more comfortable fit material than polyurethane. The trade off is that SKYN condoms are not as thin as the polyurethane condoms, but in most cases they will fit better.

Perhaps most importantly, SKYN is the first non-latex condom to be approved by the FDA for protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. They are also the first affordable non-latex condom, costing half as much as most other non-latex condoms.

Because condom fit is so individual (one size DEFINITELY doesn’t fit all) personalized condom reviews are not always the best way to pick a condom. What feels good for one guy (or 10,000 guys) may not feel good to you. The most important consideration when looking for the best condom is finding one that you like and fits you best.

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