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Sex Book Gifts

Top Picks of Sex Books for Everyday Holiday Giving


Sex books make a great gift at Christmas or during the holiday season, and there are plenty of titles to choose from over the past year. Whether you're looking for some helpful instruction, fantasy fodder, or inspiration for your erotic imagination, I hope you'll find something to your taste in the sex book gift guide below.

Because great sex writing never gets old, you can find my picks from previous years by clicking the next link at the bottom of the page.

Animal Sex

book cover title reads animal sex, drawing of two snails moving away from each other leaving trails.
A compilation of four of comic artist Isabella Rotman's mini comics all about mating in the animal kingdom. Full of fun facts and great art. From bisexual bedbugs to lesbian lizards, something for the animal lover, sex lover, and comic lover in your life. 76 pages, $9.

Matzoh and Mistletoe

book cover: picture of a woman's waist, wearing a santa outfit, her hands tied behind her back.
Carina Press
There's something about the holidays that makes novelty everything (songs, books, sentiments) seem more entertaining and more genuine. If nothing else, novelties can offer a gift option for those hard to buy for people. Case in point: Matzoh and Mistletoe, an erotic novella I came across in Violet Blue's Kink Your Kindle column (a regularly updated guide to sex related ebooks). I haven't read it, but Rachel Kramer Bussel calls it a "red-hot holiday romance" and I can think of several mixed faith couples who would at least find this entertaining, if not arousing. 107 pages, $2.99.
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My New Gender Workbook

Book cover looks like an old school workbook, but with a pink triangle and trans symbol sticker.
Author, performer, and activist Kate Bornstein spent several years updating this 1997 classic of gender self-exploration and expression. As the cover gleefully announces, the new edition offers "more high theory, quizzes, and SEX. Plus robots and pirates!" As if that wasn't enough, I can promise a gentle, supportive, and challenging guide for anyone interested and willing to learn more about their own gender identity and expression,and the place of gender in their lives. Don't be fooled by the word "work" in the title, this book can be a whole lot of fun too. 312 pages, $40

The Little Book of Legs

picture of a pair of legs in stockings from the waist to below the knee
Taschen Books
The collection editor Dian Hanson was born to assemble. Years before she became Taschen's sexy book editor Hanson was the editor of Leg Show, a porn magazine devoted to the beauty and eroticism of legs. This mini book features over 150 photos starring some of the best known legs of the 20th century shot by the masters of lower limb photography. 192 pages, $10

The Little Book of Pussy

a book cover with a photo of a womans body from belly to thighs, wearing black panties.
This slang term was most recently revived by the infamous mayor of Toronto Rob Ford, who used it during a morning press conference (he was clarifying that he had not engaged in a particular sex act which, if taken literally, would amount to eating a cat). But whether it's a term you like or hate, it's hard to begrudge long time sex editor Dian Hanson the use of it on the cover of this cute little homage to the vulva. 192 pages, $10

Twice the Pleasure: Bisexual Women's Erotica

Black cover with a photo of a woman and man and other photo of a woman and woman.
Cleis Press
Buying erotica for someone else is always a balancing act. Double your chances of getting it right with Rachel Kramer Bussel's newest collection featuring twenty-two diverse stories of bisexual desire and abandon. 232 pages, $16.

The Adventurous Couple's Guide to Sex Toys

Cleis Press
The second edition of Violet Blue's must have guide to sex toys for couples was released this year and if you want to introduce sex toys into your relationship but you're not sure where to start, start here. Blue's writing is accessible and funny and her knowledge of sex toys is both deep and wide. She provides the basics for any couple, but takes you places no other guide does.

Plays Well in Groups: A Journey Through the World of Group Sex

white book cover with organg silouttes of people standing in a group.
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
For the sexologist or sex geek on your holiday list, let cultural anthropologist and sex researcher Katherine Frank take you on a journey into the world of group sex. This academic but accessible text draws on surveys and ethnographic research to explore the historical and contemporary meaning and practice of group sex, from bathhouses to Burning Man, from swingers clubs to sacred rituals. No instruction manual, Plays Well in Groups dives deep into the what and why of group sex, leaving the how and with whom for its participants and readers to define. 406 pages, $34.

Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure

White cover with a mans naked back down to just below the start of the bum.
Cleis Press
This might not seem like the most romantic of holiday gifts, but on the other hand, it might, depending on who you're giving it to, and why. A friendly and thorough book that covers everything you want to know, and many things you may not even know you need to know, about exploring prostate play. Educators Charlie Glickman and Aislinn Emirzian bring there years of experience talking with and teaching people about this still overlooked but highly erotic sexual activity. 232 pages, $18.

The Mammoth Book of Erotic Photography, Vol. 4

Black and white photo of a naked woman, arms crossed and reaching between her legs.
Running Press
Weighing in at just under 2 pounds, this fourth volume in the Mammoth Erotic Photography series continues the tradition of a lot of bang for very little buck. The editorial prompt for this edition was to ask photographers to work with their favorite models, and the result is over 400 color and black and white photos by 74 photographers from across Europe and North America. The collection is mostly what you'd imagine, but for someone on your gift list this year it's probably exactly what they want. 448 pages. $15

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