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Male Strap On



A male strap on is usually a hollow dildo that can be strapped onto the body to allow someone who doesn’t have erections to penetrate a partner. Unlike penile prostheses, which are sometimes surgically inserted, a male strap on is an external toy that can be easily taken on and off.

Like other strap ons, a male strap on might be one piece -- a dildo with straps attached to the base, which go around the waist and between the legs. Or, it may come in two parts, the harness which fits kind of like underwear, and the dildo which slides into the harness and over the penis.

Most male strap ons are of poor quality and functionality. Ideally, a male strap on will keep the dildo tight against the body and give the wearer a lot of control during thrusting.

Male strap ons aren’t just for men who have erectile dysfunction. Some men play with strap ons because they want a different size to penetrate a partner with, and others may use a strap on because they don’t have a penis in the first place.

Also Known As: penile prosthesis, PPD, penile prosthetic device
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