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G Spot Vibrators

Choosing the Right G Spot Sex Toy


A great g spot vibrator will have four key elements:
  • Design is safe for penetration
  • Material is firm enough not to bend when inserted
  • Tip of the shaft will be curved
  • Size is comfortable for penetration (this is obviously different for everyone)
There isn't one g spot vibrator that's right for everyone, and you may need to explore before finding the one that is best for you, but here are some of my picks for g spot vibrators available.

Orchid G

Orchid G Spot Vibrator
Proof that simplicity can rock, the Orchid is a basic hard plastic vibrator that's wildly popular both for its shape and power. It can be used for external stimulation but is also ideal for g spot stimulation. Easy to clean with variable speed dial the main drawback to the Orchid are it's noise level (about as loud as they come) and it's durability (a good store should give you a 30 day warranty, but it has an unexpected lifespan from a couple weeks to a couple years). An added bonus is that it's waterproof, which makes it easier to clean and good for fun in the shower or bath.


Bgee G Spot Vibrator
A good beginner g spot vibrator, the BGee is hard plastic covered in a velvety soft coating which means it has a strong buzz but doesn't feel as jarring when used internally. The BGee is versatile and suitable for external stimulation as well as for the g spot, and at around $35 it's not too big an investment for someone not sure what they're looking for. With the lower price does come lower quality and while it isn't the loudest toy in the list, it also isn't the quietest.

G Twist

G Twist G Spot Vibrator
A water resistant silicone vibrator designed specifically for g spot stimulation this Fun Factory vibrator was designed by the folks at Good Vibrations and has been a popular model for years. Silicone is a more durable and better quality material and it transmits vibrations well so there is a strong buzz, and the material offers a perfect balance of firmness and softness, so it is ideal for people who like g spot stimulation from pressure and not vibration. A good mid-price and mid-range quality choice.


Come As You Are
Imported and inspired by the sex toy loving people at Vibratex, this is a fundamentally different kind of g spot vibrator. It has the same curve, and it buzzes, but the head also moves back and forth, mimicking the "come hither" motion that is described as being ideal for g spot stimulation. Offering the best quality available in sex toys, the Pixie has a high quality Japanese motor and the elastomer material is latex and phthalate-free. It's available in a basic model (shown here) and a model with an additional external vibrator for clitoral stimulation.

Elastomer Rabbit Habit

Another Japanese vibrator the Rabbit Habit was made famous by Sex in the City but is lesser known as a g spot vibrator. For many women the swirling shaft (you can adjust both the speed and angle of the rotation) provides heavenly g spot stimulation while the rotating beads and rabbit provide internal and external stimulation. Two high quality motors, look for the Rabbit Habit in elastomers model that is latex and phthalate-free, and a few dollars more.

Rock Chick

Rock Chick G Spot Vibrator
An ingenious design for a vibrator that offers simultaneous g spot stimulation and clitoral stimulation, the Rock Chick came from the UK. It’s made of silicone and the vibrator is a powerful removable bullet both high quality (and with the benefit of you being able to replace the motor when it breaks, unlike most vibrators). The Rock Chick would be preferred by people who like a lot of pressure and rubbing stimulation as opposed to a lot of back and forth penetration. Top quality material, easy to clean and long lasting.


Delight G Spot Vibrator
Another high quality product from Fun Factory the Delight is made of non-porous and phthalate-free silicone and hard plastic and rechargeable (the charge lasts about 90 minutes and takes 3 hours to fully charge). The design allows for simultaneous g spot and clitoral stimulation. A neat design addition is that the vibrator charges when placed in the carrying case that it comes with. With 32 different vibration style and speed variations the Delight accommodates most tastes for power.


LELO Gigi G Spot Vibrator
The Swedish designers at LELO continue their reputation of designing beautiful objects with an almost maddening functionality (seriously, until you figure it out, it can drive you crazy). But, once you've found your groove with the Gigi you'll be happy for the learning curve. A high quality rechargeable motor with several vibration settings, quiet operation, high-quality silicone body, and a well-insulated handle, in addition to a sexy, minimalist design. Designed for g spot stimulation Gigi is also very good for external stimulation and comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Gee Whiz Attachment

G Whiz G Spotter Attachment
Vixen Creations
From silicone toy pioneers Vixen Creations the Gee Whiz attachment is designed to go on the Hitachi Magic Wand and offers durable and incredibly powerful g spot stimulation. Not for beginners, made of high quality silicone, when paired with the Magic Wand the Gee Whiz, when you’re ready for it, is the last g spot vibrator you’ll likely ever buy.

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