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Desert Island Sex Picks

Sex Tips for the Rest of Us


Desert Island Sex Picks
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Imagine you could only engage in one sexual activity for the rest of your life, one single sex act and no other. What would it be?

In some ways, sex is like air. When you have an abundant supply, and easy access, it's the easiest thing in the world to take for granted. But if your supply gets suddenly cut off, it will make you stand up and take notice like nothing else. Metaphors aside, our sexual options are not usually completely cut off. There are many people who live their lives without having certain kinds of sex. Whether it's for religious, cultural, physical, monetary, emotional, or other reasons, we don't all have access to every kind of sex play. Those of us with greater access can forget this at times.

This week's sex tip is meant to encourage you to stop taking sex for granted, and to think more creatively about the sex you have.

Over the course of the next week spend some time thinking about the different kinds of sex acts you like to engage in. You can make a mental list, noting which behaviors you do more often, which are "special occasion" sex acts, and which you may have tried once but didn't care for. Then, for this exercise, you have to make a decision.

Try to imagine going a week, a month, a year, only doing one sexual thing (it could be with yourself, with one partner, or with a dozen partners, but always the same physical act). What sex act would you choose?

If you have someone you're comfortable talking about sex with, share your thoughts, and ask them what they'd choose. You might be surprised by the responses, and you may even find your own thinking changes as you take time to imagine

As always, have fun!

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