1. People & Relationships

Masturbation Techniques

Masturbation techniques and tips for all genders. Masturbation techniques for both solo play and mutual masturbation with a partner.

Masturbation How To (for women)
A beginner's guide to masturbation for women.

Masturbation How To (for men)
Ideas on how to explore and expand male masturbation techniques, with step by step suggestions and tips for men to explore sexual response through masturbation.

Masturbation How To (for Everyone)
A masturbation how to guide for every body.

Advanced Masturbation Techniques
Advanced masturbation techniques including sex positions, role play, dirty talk, watching yourself, and using sex toys to increase stimulation and fantasy.

Masturbation Sex Positions
Expand your masturbation repertoire with a new masturbation sex position.

Tips for Mutual Masturbation
A step by step guide to making masturbation a less solitary activity.

Using Sex Toys for Stimulation and Fantasy in Masturbation
Tips on using sex toys to explore advanced masturbation techniques.

Voyeurism and Masturbation
How to bring an element of self voyeurism to masturbation.

Exploring Taboo Fantasy Through Masturbation
How masturbation can help you learn more about your own sexual fantasies and desires.

Talk Dirty To Yourself
Tips on talking dirty to yourself to spice up your masturbation technique and get more comfortable with dirty talk.

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