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How to have your first or your hundred and first orgasm, how to stop faking orgasms, talk about orgasms, and reduce the pressures that get in the way of an enjoyable sex life.
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First Time to Have an Orgasm?
Information for people who havent had an orgasm before and want to have their first time orgasm. With links to information for people who cant orgasm, and anyone who wants to learn how to have more orgasms.

Can’t Orgasm
Learn about the many ways that your thoughts and feelings can prevent you from having an orgasm.

Orgasm and Drugs
There are many different classes of drugs, and several drugs within different classes, that can have an effect on the experience of orgasm.

Can’t Orgasm
Learn about the many physical problems that can get in the way of you having an orgasm.

Why Can’t I Orgasm With My Partner?
What can you do when you can’t orgasm with a partner?

I Can’t Orgasm
What are some of the things that prevent you from having an orgasm.

Unexpected Orgasms
There are several types of orgasms that fall outside of standard textbook descriptions of an orgasm in terms of when, where, and how they occur. These orgasms can be considered unexpected orgasms.

Delayed Orgasm
What is the definition of delayed orgasm? What causes delayed orgasm and how is it treated?

All About Orgasms
Orgasms are the most sought after and most misunderstood part of our sexuality. Learn about different types of orgasms, the real definition of orgasm, fake orgasms, orgasm problems, and the best books about orgasms available.

Many Kinds of Orgasms
A review of how different people tried to define and classify orgasm.

Orgasmic Disorders
Orgasmic disorders are conditions where both men and women are either unable to have an orgasm, have orgasms that are not as strong as they once were, have orgasms too quickly, or have orgasms that are accompanied by pain.

Fake Orgasms
Details on how common it is for people to fake orgasms, whether or not you can tell when someone is faking an orgasm, and how to tell your partner that you have fake orgasms.

Books about Orgasm
Top 10 books about orgasm, covering female orgasm, male orgasm, multiple orgasms, and more. With descriptions and links.

Arousal, Orgasm and Breastfeeding
Many women experience arousal and even orgasm while breastfeeding. This is the result of the hormone oxytocin and is a completely healthy response.

About Male Multiple Orgasm
An introduction to male multiple orgasm. Where the teachings began, what research has been done on the topic, and the basic ideas behind male multiple orgasms are discussed.

How Do I Do Kegel Exercises (for women)
Step by step instructions on doing kegel exercises to strengthen your PC muscles for women.

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