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Living with a disability, chronic illness, or chronic pain doesn't make you fundamentally sexually different from anyone. But it can mean that you have less access to sex information, to sexual partners, and to support for your sexual choices. Here you'll find sexuality resources, sex tips, and support from a disability perspective.
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Varioius ways ableism is defined, and how it effects sexuality.

Sexuality and Disability Myths and Facts
Common myths about sexuality and disability and facts which dispel these myths.

Sexual Health Issues for Post-Combat Soldiers
The experience of combat and combat injuries can affect the sexual health of soldiers and service members and make it difficult to get back a healthy sex life. This article describes some of the common problems post-combat soldiers may experience and suggests ways of dealing with changes in sexuality following combat.

Accessible Sex Toys
A definition of accessible sex toys, sometimes referred to as sex toys for people with disabilities.

Bowel and Bladder Control During Sex
Why loss of bowel or bladder control during sex can feel so embarrassing and shameful, and what you can do to feel differently about loss of bowel or bladder control during sex.

Tips on How to Talk About Bowel and Bladder Control During Sex
How to start a conversation with your partner about loss of bowel and bladder control during sex, and tips on preparing for, and taking care of yourself while doing it.

Making Sex Toys Accessible
An introduction to making sex toys accessible for people living with disabilities. Covers basic tips on choosing toys as well as areas to consider before you buy that can help you with an adaptation.

Sexuality and Diabetes
An overview of the some of the common ways that sexuality and sexual functioning can be impacted by Diabetes, along with suggestions for dealing with these obstacles.

Interstitial Cystitis and Sex
Suggestions and support for people living with interstitial cystitis (IC) around sexual expression and sexual behaviors. Links to additional resources on sex and IC.

Sex Education for Deaf Youth
About.com's Guide to Deafness/Hard of Hearing offers these sexual health education resources for Deaf youth.

Sexual Sign Language
About.com's Guide to Deafness/Hard of Hearing offers these resources for signing about sexuality.

Autonomic Dysreflexia
Autonomic dysreflexia can be triggered by sexual activity and in particular the use of a vibrator. Information on this potentially life threatening response, symptoms of autonomic dysreflexia, and what to do if you think you are having an AD response.

Sex and Disability
Outlines some of the ways that disability can impact sex.

Disabilities have various influences on sexuality, and many of the impacts of disabilities on sexuality have more to do with society and the physical environment than they have to do with the biomedical aspects of disabilities.

Dealing with Loss of Bowel and Bladder Control During Sex
Things you can do to both reduce the risk of losing bowel or bladder control during sex and to deal proactively with feelings of embarrassment or shame related to bowel or bladder incontinence in a sexual situation.

Bowel and Bladder Control During Sex
Information and resources on how to talk about and maximize control over your bowel and bladder during sex, to reduce the possibility of losing bowel or bladder control during sex.

Sex and Fatigue
If fatigue or a lack of energy is damaging (or ruining) your sex life here are some suggestions on changing course.

Sexual Activities for Fatigue
Suggestions for sexual activities that are good for people who experience fatigue.

Sex Positions for Fatigue
Recommended sex positions for people who experience fatigue.

Disability and Language
Language is complicated, and the words we use matter. How, and why, I use certain terms related to disability when talking about sexuality and disability on About.com.

Disability Sex Education and Information
How sex education excludes people with disabilities, and what real comprehensive sex education needs to do in order to be inclusive and accessible.

Disability and Finding Sexual Partners
Some people say that the hardest part of sex and disability isn't figuring out how to do it, but who to do it with. Information on finding partners and dating when you're disabled.

Positive Sexual Representations of Disability
If you live with a disability it can be hard to find positive sexual representations of yourself in popular culture. Over the past few decades some artists, disabled and non-disabled, have been challenging that.

Homophobia and Disability
Examples of how homophobia contributes to barriers to sexual expression for people with disabilities.

Transphobia and Disability
Examples of how transphobia contributes to barriers to sexual expression for people with disabilities.

Ableism, Sexuality, and Disability
How ableism impacts sexuality and sexual expression for people with disabilities.

Barriers to Sexual Expression and Disability
There are particular barriers to sexual expression if you have lived experience of disability. But what's hardest is not always what most people think.

Disability and Physical Barriers to Sexual Expression
Describes some of the common physical and mobility barriers to sexual expression for people with disabilities.

Sex With Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Advice from Adrienne Dellwo, About.com's Guide to Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia on obstacles and how to manage them.

Sins Invalid Explores Sexuality, Social Justice, and Disability Justice
An interview with the co-founders of Sins Invalid about their work in the area of sexuality and disability justice.

International Day of Disability: The Sex Edition
Thoughts on how to mark December 3rd, which the UN designates as International Day of Disabled Persons, with some sexual learning and activism.

Sexuality, Disability, and Surrogacy
Do people have a right to sexual expression? A debate in France about disability and sexual surrogacy raises many questions and offers few answers.

Sex, Disability, and the Price of Admission to The New York Times
A critique of New York Times coverage of disability and sex activism in France.

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