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General information and statistics on sexual behaviors, sexual orientation and identity, plus resources on where to find more information about human sexuality.
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Sexuality Helping Professions
What's the difference between a sex therapist and sex educator? How about a sex researcher and sexologist? This article describes different kinds of sex professionals and how their work is defined.

Sexual Myths
Debunking some of our most common sexual myths.

Sex Quizzes
Test your knowledge of all things sexual, and pick up some new trivia with these quizzes on sex toys, sex positions, orgasm, masturbation, oral sex, and more.

Sex Statistics
An overview of sex statistics from survey research with links to sites that offer detailed sexual behavior surveys, and print resources for further research.

Sexual Compatibility
What is sexual compatibility, and how can you tell if you’re got it with your partner or will have it with a future partner? Some ideas on how to think about and assess sexual compatibility.

Lies We're Told About Sex
Thoughts and arguments regarding the major lies we’re told about sex, including sex is completely genetic, sex is simple and natural, great sex is all about technique, and more.

Sexual Orientation Confusion
Publicly most people present with one single sexual orientation. But in private many have questions about their sexual orientation, and how what they feel or fantasize about impacts what their sexual orientation is.

How Much Sex Does the Average Couple Have?
Is there a normal amount of sex we should be having to consider our sex life healthy?

What Causes Different Sex Drives in Relationships?
Examples of some of the things that can cause difference in sex drive or sexual desire between partners in long term committed relationships.

Sex Drive Differences in Long Term Committed Relationships
Ideas on how to deal with differences in sex drive and sexual desire in long term committed relationships.

What Is Sex?
What is sex, and how is it different from sexuality? Learn to define both sex and sexuality for yourself in a way that can help you explore more of your sexual potential and increase your sexual health.

Sex and Infertility
If you think you are dealing with infertility it can have a huge impact on your sex life. Here are some of the ways that infertility can make the sex part of conception more difficult.

Teenage Sexuality
A look at the hysteria and controversy surrounding teen sexuality and the difficulties in finding good information about what teenagers are doing sexually. With resources to recent studies about teenage sexual behavior.

Declaration of Sexual Rights
The World Association of Sexology and Sexual Health's Declaration of Human Sexual Rights.

Teen Sex Statistics
What the statisticians tell us teens are doing.

Anal Sex Statistics
Statistics on the prevalence of heterosexual anal sex.

What’s Wrong with Male Sexuality
Men’s sex lives are full of lies, this article considers some of the many myths about male sexuality that have been accepted as fact by the scientific community and the general public.

Ten Myths About Male Sexuality
Lies and confusion abound. Here's some straight talk about a curvy subject.

Body Image and Sexuality
How do body image and sexuality influence each other? If you have a more positive body image does it follow that you’ll have better sex? Discusses recent research on body image and sexuality, and the many ways that body image and sexuality influence each other.

Famous Quotes about Sex and Religion
Quotes about sex and religion

Famous Quotes about Sex and Pornography
Quotes about sex and pornography.

Famous Quotes by Sex Researchers
Quotes about sex and sexuality from sex researchers.

Famous Quotes on Sex
List of famous and infamous quotes on sex and sexuality

Famous Quotes on Sex and Sexuality
List of famous and infamous quotes on sex, sex and religion, masturbation, pornography.

Sex and Civil Liberties
An overview of sex laws in the U.S. from your About.com Guide to Civil Liberties, Tom Head.

Society for Human Sexuality
A great site for adults to find a wide range of user friendly information about sexual exploration. From Tantric sex guides to video reviews, the site also includes dozens of wonderful interviews with some of our best sexual minds.

American Association for Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists
AASECT is the voluntary professional body that oversees sex therapists and educators in the U.S. Their site offers good basic information on sexuality, plus a therapist locator that will help you find a therapist who is certified by AASECT. Certification is entirely optional, but this is a good place to start a search for a qualified sex educator or therapist in your city or state.

Are We Sexually Compatible?
How can I tell if my partner and I are sexually compatible? Is there a way to tell in advance if I’m going to be sexually compatible with someone?

Sexual Philanthrophy
Sexual philanthropy challenges us to put our money where our mouths have been, or want to go by supporting organizations that fight for and support sexual health, sexual rights, and sexual pleasure.

Sex and Shame
Understanding the connection between sex and shame, and how to begin to work with your feelings of sexual shame.

Sexual Activities List
Hopefully you know that sex includes more than intercourse. But if you're not sure what that "more" is exactly, here's a list to start you off.

Number of Sex Partners
How many sex partners does the average person have in their lifetime? And what, if anything, does your number say about you?

Sexual Compromise
Unpacking the pros and cons of sexual compromise.

How Our Sexuality Is Medicalized
Is the medical model the best way to think about our sexuality?

When Sex Goes Stale
Not sure what to do if you think your sexual relationship is waning? Start by asking yourself these questions.

Bisexuality - A Legitimate Sexual Orientation
Bisexuality is often attacked for not being a "real" sexual orientation. So what makes on orientation more real than another?

Sexual Expectations
These 6 expectations can ruin your sex life.

The Trouble with Normal
If you're wondering whether your normal when it comes to sex, you are asking yourself the wrong question. Here's why.

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