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Sex Interviews

Interviews with sex educators, authors, workers, performers, and activists.

Two-Spirit Literature - An Interview with the Editors of Sovereign Erotics
An interview with Qwo-Li Driskill, Lisa Tatonetti, and Daniel Heath Justice, three of the four editors (with Deborah Miranda) of Sovereign Erotics: A Collection of Two-Spirit Literature.

Patricia Berne and Leroy Moore - When it Comes to Sex, Are Your Sins Invalid?
An interview with Sins Invalid co-founders Patricia Berne and Leroy Moore.

Susie Bright – Sexual Revolutionary
An interview with award winning author, editor, blogger, and sex revolutionary Susie Bright.

Sofia Quintero on HomeGirl.TV, Cultural Activism, and Speaking Your Truth
An interview with writer and cultural activist Sofia Quintero about her project HomeGirl.TV.

$pread Magazine - Illuminating the Sex Industry
$pread Magazine (subtitled Illuminating the Sex Industry) is the only print magazine by and for sex workers. This email interview with $pread Magazine Editors Rachel Aimee and Audacia Ray introduces people to the magazine.

B.J. and Abby Jackson – Building a Sexual Life Together after Combat
An interview with B.J. Jackson and his wife Abby. B.J. was wounded during combat in Iraq and received severe burns and lost both his legs, he is now a national spokesperson for the Coalition to Support America’s Heroes and together with Abby B.J. speaks out about the importance of sexuality for service members returning home from combat.

Eli Clare – Challenging Our Differences
An interview with Eli Clare, activist and author of "Exile and Pride" and "The Marrow’s Telling"

Esther Perel – Unlocking Erotic Intelligence
An interview with Esther Perel, couples therapist and author of the bestselling book Mating in Captivity: Unlocking Erotic Intelligence.

Interview with B.J. and Abby Jackson
B.J. and Abby Jackson talk about building a sexual life together after combat. They describe dealing with the negative attitudes of others, the importance of sexual communication, the obstacles they dealt with in expressing their sexuality, dealing with sex in hospitals, and the Road to Recovery Conference they participate in.

David Levy - Sex with Robots
Artificial Intelligence scholar David Levy talks about robot sex and the possibilities of human robot sexual interactions.

Mitchell Tepper – Addressing Sexuality and Wounded Warriors
Mitchell Tepper of the Center of Excellence in Sexual Health describes the center's military initiative.

Nan Kinney - Uncovering a Pornographic Lesbian Sensibility
For the past 23 years, Nan Kinney has been making pornography with what she calls a "lesbian sensibility." In this interview, Kinney discusses how sexual politics and the business of pornography have changed over the years, and how being a lesbian pornographer has changed her life.

Deb Levine - Improving Sexual Health Through Technology
Deb Levine's job is one of those that most people find interesting, if not intriguing -- she has spent the last 14 years using computers to improve people’s sex lives.

Interview with Joy Wilson, owner of Book22.com
An interview with Joy Wilson who started Book22.com, a sex toy website for married Christians.

Paul Joannides – Breaking the Sex Manual Mold
An interview with Paul Joannides, author of the bestselling sex manual The Guide to Getting It On.

Nikol Hasler - Midwest Sexual Edu-tainment
An interview with Nikol Hasler from the Midwest Teen Sex Show, part of a series of interviews with sex people.

Joy Wilson – Christian Sex Toy Retailing
An interview with Joy Wilson who started Book22.com, a sex toy website for married Christians.

D-I-Y S-E-X: An Interview with Homemade-Sex-Toys.com
An interview with the folks who write and produce homemade-sex-toys.com, a great site for homemade sex toy inspiration and instruction.

Momma Love the Book
An interview with photographer Ali Smith about her collection Momma's Love, a book of portraits of mother's.

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