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Anal Sex Toy Saftey Tip

Safety Tips For Choosing and Using Anal Sex Toys


While there is a wide range of products marketed specifically as anal sex toys it's important to remember that sex toy manufacturers are not always the most safety conscious (or ethical, or contactable, or any thing else you’d look for in a company making something you put in your body). There is a big difference between a sex toy that is marketed as an anal sex toy, which may just be a gimmick to get you to buy a substandard product, and one that is actually designed to be an anal sex toy, which is a toy designed with anal play and safety in mind.

For this reason, even if a toy is marketed as an anal sex toy, or if you've seen it used for anal sex in an adult film, you need to make sure the toy you use is absolutely safe for anal sex.

For a toy to be safe for anal penetration it should:

  1. Be seamless, with no sharp edges, rough pointy bits, or anything that can easily come off.
    Tissue in the rectum is much more easily torn, even the smallest tear can cause serious problems.

  2. Have a wide flared base, or ring, or something significantly big enough to prevent it from being drawn up into the rectum.
    When you insert something in the anus, there is be a suction-like effect where objects can be drawn up into the rectum.

What should you do if you (or someone you know) gets a sex toy stuck in your/their body?

If you are not able to immediately and easily retrieve the toy, you may need to go to an emergency department to have the toy removed.

If the toy is a vibrator, and it has batteries in, even if it wasn’t turned on when you were playing with it, you should go immediately to an emergency department. If the toy is on, or turns on while in your body, the motor can overheat and can burn.

If the toy was not a safe anal sex toy and has any sharp edges or is made of anything other than a rubber or plastic, you should probably go immediately to an emergency department.

What happens when I go to the emergency room for an anal sex toy problem?

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