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Sex Toys

A guide to the ever expanding world of sex toys and erotic devices, from feathers to vibrators and from lubricants to leather harnesses.
  1. How to Use Sex Toys (8)
  2. Vibrators (14)
  3. Dildos (5)
  4. Anal Sex Toys (7)
  5. Male Sex Toys (9)
  6. Personal Lubricants (14)
  7. Sex Toy Materials (5)
  8. Adapting Sex Toys (10)
  9. Sex Toy Shopping Tips (12)
  10. Sex Toy Product Reviews (66)
  11. Sexy Gift Guides (5)

Sex Toy or Sexual Health Device?
How sex toys are being re-branded as sexual health devices, and whether or not this is a good thing for sexual exploration and expression.

Sex Toy Travel Tales – Share Your Experiences with Vibrators on an …
Readers share their sex toy travel tales, tips on how to safely and discreetly take your vibrator or other sex toy on an airplane.

Scary Sex Toys
Scary may not always be a bad thing, but these frightening sexual devices are mostly to be avoided.

Dangerous Sex Toys
Discusses whether or not sex toys are dangerous and the possible reasons why people might say sex toys are dangerous.

Sex Toy Injuries
What are the most common sex toy injuries, and how often to people injure themselves using sex toys?

Masturbation Sex Toys
10 sex toys that are ideal for solo sexual exploration.

Recommendations for high end sex toys that offer better quality motors and...
After decades of stagnation in quality and creativity the sex toy industry is developing at a surprising and exciting pace. At least a couple times a year a new small manufacturer emerges offering high end sex toys with better quality materials, more durable motors, and smart, user-friendly designs. Most people making hig

Can Sex Toys Cause Yeast Infections?
Explains the possible relationship between using sex toys and getting a yeast infection.

Sex Toys for Couples
Whether it's your first sex toy, or your first sex toy with a new partner, here's our list of recommended sex toys for couples.

Sex Toy Guide
A visual guide to sex toys, including images of sex toys and descriptions of different category of sex toys.

Sex Shop Reviews
Sex shop reviews and recommendations from sex shop customers and sexual experts who travel the world talking and teaching about sex.

Sex Toys 101
Explains the basics of sex toys including different kinds of sex toys, tips on shopping for sex toys, where to find the best sex toys, sex toy safety, and sex toy quizzes.

Sex Toy Quiz
Test your knowledge about sex toys with our sex toy quiz, and if you come up lacking be sure to explore our sex toy section for more detailed information.

Sex Toys Facts - Myths & Facts about Sex Toys
Sex toy facts and myths. Debunking common myths about sex toy use and buying sex toys, and offering facts about sex toys.

Sex Toys that Changed the World
While these sex toys may not have actually changed the world, they did change the sex toy world, and the sexual world view of many of us who are fans of these groundbreaking products. Each of these sex toys offered genuine innovation, something new, and in doing so they made us do something new with ourselves.

How to Find a Good Sex Shop
Tips on finding a good sex shop, and how to tell if a sex shop is ripping you off or leading you astray.

Sex Shop Hall of Fame
A list of the best and most unique sex shops in the world. Whether you’re looking for vibrators, dildos, harnesses, erotic fiction, or adult movies, this list includes sex shops not to be missed, that won’t disappoint. Rated for the quality and selection of their product lines and more importantly for their customer service.

Homemade Sex Toys
Resources for homemade sex toy enthusiasts. Links to the best homemade sex toy sites, books, and products.

High end sex toys have been slowly gaining in popularity in the past five...
A summary of luxury sex toys past and present.

High End Sex Toy Images
An image gallery of high end sex toys from various desingers and manufacturers.

Phthalates in Sex Toys
Describes what phthalates, which are used in the manufacturing of many sex toys, are, and concerns that have been raised about phthalates by scientists, consumer groups, and the media.

D-I-Y S-E-X: An Interview with Homemade-Sex-Toys.com
An interview with the folks who write and produce homemade-sex-toys.com, a great site for homemade sex toy inspiration and instruction.

Preaching to the Choir: Christian Sex Toy Retailing
The trend toward niche sex toy marketing has taken a different turn with the opening of two on line Christian sex toy retailers. Theses sites propose only selling their products to heterosexual, married Christians.

Interview with Joy Wilson, owner of Book22.com
An interview with Joy Wilson who started Book22.com, a sex toy website for married Christians.

Celebrity Sex Toy Connections
It may seem like the life of a celebrity is enviable. But there are many ways in which being a celebrity sucks. One of them is a lack of sexual privacy or respect. Not that all celebrities act in a way that suggests they want or deserve to be respected, but even those who do can be unfairly outed for their sexual interests. Since I take a strict...

Your Favorite Sex Shops
Write a review of your favorite sex shop. Recommend sex shops to others and tell us what, in your opinion, makes for a great sex shop. See submissions

Nipple Clamps
Nipple clamps are designed to fit directly on the nipple and are considered a sensation play sex toy in that the main effect is to heighten sensation. When applied nipple clamps squeeze the skin together and force the blood out of the area being clamped down on, creating a sensation people find both uncomfortable and pleasurable. When a nipple clamp is first applied there can be an intense sensa…

Sex Toys for Women
Are there specific sex toys for women? If you're buying a sex toy for a woman, or are a woman buying a sex toy for yourself, here are some general tips on picking sex toys for women.

Sex Toys
Honest and non-commercial information on sex toys, including how to use sex toys, sex toy shopping tips, sex toy safety, and sex toy reviews.

BPA in Sex Toys
Should you be concerned about Bisphenol A (BPA) in your sex toys? Information on how can you tell if there is BPA in a sex toy you purchased or are thinking of purchasing, and how to find out about BPA before you buy.

Identity Based Sex Toy Shopping
What does it mean to say that a sex toy is for gay men, or straight women? Does it make sense to choose sex toys based on your sexual orientation or gender identity?

Inventing Sex Toys
If you have a sex toy idea and a desire to share your genius with the world, here are some tips on how to make your sex toy dreams a reality.

Discreet Sex Toys
These toys offer varying degrees of discretion, from an incognito lipstick to a Warhol inspired dildo.

Sex Toy Quiz
Test your knowledge about sex toys with our sex toy quiz, and if you come up lacking be sure to explore our sex toy section for more detailed information.

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