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Anal Dildo


Anal Dildo

Anal dildo

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Dildos are toys designed for penetration that don’t have motors and don’t vibrate. An anal dildo is any dildo that has no sharp edges or seams and a flared base designed to prevent it from going all the way in.

Dildos designed specifically for anal use tend to be either smaller or made for male anal play and the shape is designed to stimulation the prostate. One of the most popular products like this is the Aneros).

Different than butt plugs, anal dildos are usually used for in/out style penetration, and the main considerations when choosing an anal dildo is the size of the toy and the material.

Anal dildos are available in every size imaginable (from a pinky finger to a large fist and more), and like other dildos, anal dildos are available in a range of materials including jelly rubber , silicone , acrylic or hard plastic , and metal.

As with any other sex toy, and particularly anal sex toys, it's important to use a lubricant when playing with anal dildos.

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