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How to Choose a Dildo


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Dildo Materials: Cyberskin Dildos
How to Choose a Dildo

Dildos made of "cyberskin" and "UR3"

Cyberskin is actually a brand name from one company, Topco. But it has become to be used as a general term for dildos that are made of a very soft, lifelike material intended to mimic real skin and the density of a real penis.

The only reason to choose a cyberskin dildo is for the feel of it. Most cyberskin dildos have a soft outside but firm core, which really can feel like a penis. Of course not everyone wants a dildo that feels like a penis, but if you’re going for realism, cyberskin does fit the bill.

The main drawback of cyberskin is that it is not durable, and is very difficult to keep clean. Cyberskin tears easily (so it’s not recommended for harness use) and because it is very porous, it can be hard to get it clean.

Even though the Topco manufactured cyberskin does not contain phthalates it is still recommended that you use condoms on cyberskin to keep them clean.

Water based lubricant is recommended for use with cyberskin dildos.

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