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How to Choose a Dildo


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Dildo Function: Vaginal or Anal Penetration
How to Choose a Dildo

Dildos safe for anal use

For your dildo to be safe for anal use it must have:

  • no seams
  • no sharp edges or corners
  • a wide flared base to prevent it from slipping into the rectum

Dildos tend to be made with vaginal penetration in mind, but providing your dildo has the above design features, it is likely also safe for anal penetration.

If you are buying a dildo that you want to use for both anal and vaginal penetration, you’ll need to use condoms on your dildo, or buy a silicone dildo and be sure to boil it in water between the time that it is used vaginally and anally.

Anal dildos tend to be smaller, and start small at the tip getting gradually larger. But as long as your toy has a flared base and is smooth, you should be able to use it anally, even if it isn’t packaged as an anal dildo. Read more about anal sex toy safety .

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