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Sex Toy Gifts

The Hottest Sex Toys for Gift and Holiday Giving


Spice up your gift giving, for the holidays or any day, with these sex toy gift ideas. Sex toy shopping at Christmas may seem a tricky maneuver, but remember that the thought does count, and you never know what will come of planting erotic seeds via a well timed, and well chosen sex toy.

Below are my picks for great sex toy gifts in 2013.Because good sex toys never get old, you can see my sex toy gift picks from previous years by clicking next at the bottom of the page.

Iroha Vibrator Line

photo of three models of non-phallic silicone vibrators
These adorable vibrators are unmistakably the creation of Tenga, the company that brings a sense of whimsy to many of it's best products. Silicone and rechargeable, they are surprisingly strong given their soft and squishy texture. Think of those old stress squeezey toys, or how I imagine the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man would feel, but smaller, and more erotic (unless you find marshmallows erotic, which come to think of it, you probably do). The discreet and versatile design makes this a good choice as someone's first or twenty first vibrator. $99

Hula Beads

A purple vibrator that is like two balls stuck together, one slightly larger than the other.
Definitely not for beginners, LELO's Hula beads would be a great splurge gift for the Kegel lover in your life. Designed to function like other kegel exercisers, the Hula beads vibrate, controlled by a wireless remote that includes LELO's motion sensitive technology. And if you think the sex toy as exercise sounds too much like "healthy" dessert, Hula is also an excellent remote control insertable toy. $133

Lilac G

A hard plastic wand style vibrator that is curved and has bumps, like beads, along the shaft.
One of the most popular hard plastic vibrators, the Orchid, is given an upgrade in this affordable and highly functional g-spot vibrator. Hard plastic, waterproof, and multi-speed, the Lilac G doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, but it does what it does, and it does it well. $34


Wand style rechargeable vibrator, base is silver handle with two push buttons, shaft is bright pink.
Fun Factory
Never one to sit on their laurels (maybe because when mixed with mistletoe, laurels are painful to sit on) German silicone maker Fun Factory keeps improving on their already brilliant products. The compact powerhouse that is Flora is a prime example. Now fully immersible, this rechargeable silicone toy is good for external and internal use, has a handy travel lock, and its handle makes it great to use on your own or on a partner, making this a gift that gives back. $89


A butt plug that is three colors, pink at the base, then orange, then green at the tip.
You can think of Tantus' new tri-colored butt plug as one way to mitigate the fear and taboo that can inhibit people from exploring anal play. Or you can think of it as an adorable stocking stuffer that will bring smiles even before it's put into use. Actually it's both. Made of 100% silicone, this size and shape is perfect for beginners, and the unique color palate (Meteorite is part of a "space series") make it a good gift for sex toy collectors looking for something a little different for the holidays. $46


A butt plug that starts small but gets wider and resembles a spade.
Sometimes the name says it all. Unlike Meteroite, this one is not for beginners. It's 1 1/2" diameter at its widest point would put this toy in the category of intermediate or advanced (if one ranked comfort and interest in anal play on a three point scale). But for the anal toy aficionado, Quiver is all that and more. The longer neck makes this a toy that will be easier and more comfortable for extended wear, and the removable vibrator transmits sensation well through the 100% silicone body of the toy. $39

Pulse Oscillating Stimulator

The vibrator looks a little like a computer mouse with wings.
Hot Octopuss
I haven't had a chance to see this toy in action, but between recommendations from folks who have and the charming video featuring co-creator Adam Lewis, I felt it deserved to be on this years list. Pulse is designed primarily as a penile vibrator, although it can be used during partner sex as well. What makes Pulse unique is it's oscillating vibration mechanism. Finding a quality toy for a penis is harder than it sounds, and if you have someone with one of those on your Christmas list, then think about getting one of these. $99

Sqweel Go

A small wheel with 10 tongues attached to a handle/battery pack that powers the wheel to spin.
A travel size version of the very popular Sqweel. If you missed it the first time, Sqweel grew out of a sex toy design contest and introduced a new kind of stimulation for vibrators. Think of a waterwheel but with 10 tongue shaped appendages attached. Now smaller, USB rechargeable, and with 3 patterns of stimulation, the Sqweel Go offers the same fabulous stimulation and would especially appeal to sex toy nerds and those who prefer their toy design on the quirky side. $60

Limon Touch Responsive Vibrator

A vibrator that looks like a lemon that has been flattened slightly.
Minna Life
The folks behind the touch responsive Minna Ola turned to crowdfunding to launch their newest product, the Limon Touch. The crowd spoke, and now the product is available to all. Limon is smaller and cuter than Ola, but has the same unique functionality - squeeze Limon and it rumbles to life, squeeze it harder and it speeds up, let go and it slows down. It also has an easy to use memory function, so you can personalize your experience and play it back later, after the holidays have drained you of all your creative energy. $119

The Original New Magic Wand

A wand style vibrator, about 12" white plastic with a round tennis ball shaped head.
2013 saw the first update to this classic vibrator and massager in more than 30 years. Thanks to the commitment and perseverance of a company called Vibratex, the Magic Wand is not only guaranteed to be around for another three decades, but it got some welcome updates. A new circuit system, toggle switch, and self-lubricating bearings might not be why you want to plant one of these in the lap of a lover this holiday season, but consider them added bonuses. There's a reason the Magic Wand has been around as long as it has, it's durable, multipurpose, and will knock your holiday stockings off. $55
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