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Sexy Stocking Stuffers

Christmas and Holiday Gifts for 25 Dollars or Less


Retro Pocket Rocket Waterproof

retro pocket rocket vibrator
Big Teaze Toys
Evoking childhood plastic models and every unnecessary present you've ever unwrapped, this "retro" pocket rocket vibrator is just the right amount of nerdy and functional. Waterproof and single speed (like its more modern namesake) Pathfinder X-1 is available in red or yellow and will find a path to your pants in no time. $24

Sliquid Sea Natural Lubricant

sliquid sea natural lubricant
A 100% vegan, water-based lubricant that's paraben-free and glycerin-free. This lube gets it's medium-thick, silky consistency from a blend of seaweed extracts. $14 for 4.2 oz, $22 for 8.5 oz.

Willie Warmers

willie warmer knitted novelty
I am not one to recommend complete novelty items when it comes to sex toys, particularly if they seem to be turning genitals into characters (or low quality chocolate). But when I saw that the erotic mechanics at Milwaukee's ToolShed were offering hand knit willie warmers, it warmed my heart (unless that was because of the heart warmer I bought last Christmas). I've never been to Wisconsin, but according to the description they are good for "when you're sitting outside in the cold-- Packer games, deer hunting, you betcha!" Do they mean packing games, or Packer games? $15 sold, $16 stripes, $17 rainbow.

Mood Plugs

mood butt plugs
Early to Bed
Searah Deysach, owner of Chicago's Early to Bed loves the sizing of these 100% silicone butt plugs. I love the slim base design and longer neck (both of which make them a good choice for extended wear butt plugging. And you'll love the price, only $15 for a toy that will last for years.

Frosty Crop

frosty riding crop
Good Vibrations
A nylon riding crop topped with a white leather Frosty the Snowman is a perfect stocking stuffer (although I recommend more of a smacking motion than a stuffing motion). Frosty has red and green rhinestones on one side, and a flat surface on the other, and he delivers the kind of sting you'd expect from someone who knows that as soon as the weather changes they'll be left to melt. $22

Sir Richards Condoms

sir richards extra large condom box
Sir Richards Condom Company
Do something good for yourself and your sex partners, while doing something good for others by picking up a box or two of Sir Richard's Condoms. Working with non-profit organizations, like Partners in Health, Sir Richards donates one condom for every one condom they sell. Sir Richard's don't use casin in the manufacturing, which makes them vegan condoms as well. $1 each, available in four styles.

Shag Factory Ring

Double Decker Vibrating Ring
Shag Factory
A wearable vibrating ring adds an extra buzz to any kind of intercourse for both the wearer and their partner. This British themed ruby ring features two significant bullets which provide enough vibration for most, regardless of body shape, size, and configurations. The bullets can be removed for use on their own, and the colors are certainly festive (wear with a green condom for maximum effect)! $24

Gossip Ring

Photo of the Gossip Ring Wearable Vibrator on a Hand
A different kind of wearable vibrator the Gossip Ring is a shiny PVC ring that is snug but stretchy enough to fit on most fingers and, from a distance, looks very much like a neat designed ring. Get a big closer and you'll notice a micro vibrator peeking out from beneath the petals. Simply spin the flower around and you've got an instant buzz to keep you going during those extra long holiday social engagements. $14

Get Naked Dice

get naked sexy dice game
A sleek upgrade to this classic sex game, each die is chrome plated and features either a body part (neck, chest, breast, etc…) or an action (kiss, lick, etc…). If you're tired of all the planning and decisions required of you over the holidays, this makes sex (with someone you want to be with) easy. $12

Nipple Clamp with Bell

nipple clamps with bell
Ring in the new year, or the holidays, or any old time with these tweezer nipple clamps. They are kind of adorable but they can be used for decidedly un-cute ends. Secure them on a submissive partner and you can tell just how much they move, with appropriate erotic repercussions to follow. Or, ask them to chime out your favorite holiday tune! $13.50
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