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How Do I Avoid Feces During Anal Sex?


Question: How Do I Avoid Feces During Anal Sex?

It’s a common concern of people who haven’t had anal sex before worry about how much feces may or may not be involved. The first thing to know is that the parts of your anal anatomy that are involved in anal sex are not where feces are stored. The rectum and anal canal are a passageway, not a storage space. So if you’ve had a healthy bowel movement that day, and do a little external wash up (maybe put your finger inside your anus a little way while your washing), there shouldn’t be more than minute fecal matter in your rectum.

That said it is possible and maybe even likely that when something goes in your anus it will come out with a little bit of feces. This is why using condoms and gloves is so important and condoms and gloves have the added benefit of making you less squeamish since you know there’s a solid barrier between skin and feces. If you’re worried about this (either because it’s your fecal matter or you’re on the receiving end) talk about it before hand. Put it out on the table that yes, there may be some fecal matter on display. It’s not like the anus isn’t somewhere to expect it, and frankly, if one or both of you are too squeamish about it, maybe you should hold off on the anal sex.

If you’ve read stories about large amounts of excrement coming out of nowhere and you’re worried about this happening to you, chances are it won’t. First of all, consider the chances that many stories you come across aren’t true. If you or your partner has bowel incontinence it’s possible that this could happen. In this case you may still be able to have anal sex (but it’s a good idea to talk with your doctor first). Just be sure to empty your bowels before hand. Finally, some of those stories that involve “surprise” fecal matter aren’t really surprises. If you talk to the people involved sometimes you find out that this was something that was planned, and one or both of the partners enjoyed it.

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