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Sex Positions

Find the best sex position for you, and expand your sexual repertoire with this guide to sex positions. Including positions for intercourse, oral sex, and people living with chronic pain and disabilities.
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New Sex Positions
If you are stuck in the same old sex position and looking for a way out, this guide offers you a breakdown of the essential elements of any great sex position.

The Six Basic Sex Positions
A guide to the six basic sex positions, which all other sex positions are based on.

Sex Positions Quiz
Questions about sex positions are among the most common questions posed to sex educators, search engines, and call-in sex advice programs. Before you explore sex positions, take our quiz and find out how much you know about sex positions.

Sex Positions Game
This is an outline for a game that partners can use to try new sex positions. The goal of the game is to get people thinking more creatively about sex positions. Includes step by step instructions on making the game, how it works, and how to play.

Oral Sex Positions
Put aside the painful acrobatics, and learn about five great positions for giving or receiving oral sex.

Pregnancy Sex Positions
Good sex positions for sex during pregnancy. Suggestions for variations on sex positions that can be more comfortable during pregnancy.

Masturbation Sex Positions
Think positioning only matters when there's two of you? Think again.

Anal Sex Positions
Tips on finding the best anal sex position for you and your partner.

Position Tips for Avoiding Painful Sex
Getting creative with sex positions to reduce pain during sex.

Sex Positions After Heart Attack
Suggestions for sex positions with a partner who has recently had a heart attack.

Porn Sex Positions
A description of sex positions used in adult movies, and how they are funny, but not very practical or sexy.

Best Positions for Avoiding Painful Sex
Readers share their tips on which sex positions are best for reducing painful sex.

Favorite Sex Positions
Readers share their favorite sex positions and sex position tips.

Sex Positions After Hip Surgery
Description of recommended sex positions following hip replacement surgery.

Leg Action Sex Positions
A description of leg action sex positions. Suggestions for variations on this position, as well as pros and cons of this position.

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