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Kneeling Ball Sex Positions


Basic Kneeling Ball Sex Position:

In this the partner being penetrated is lying on their side, and curled up cozy like (sort of like you’re curled up into a ball, but not necessarily so tightly). The partner doing the penetrating is on their knees facing the back of the person on their side curled up. Penetration is essentially from behind, only the two people are sort of perpendicular to each other.

More about the Kneeling Ball Sex Position:

Most of the action in the kneeling ball sex position is coming from the hips of the partner on their knees, although the partner who is curled up can also move their hips to create motion.

This position may lend itself well to some elements of power play, as the partner on their knees is in a physical position of control, and has easy access to the arms and legs of the curled up partner, whereas the partner lying down is facing away from, and can’t really see, the partner on their knees.


If you adjust the angle of penetration, and also to some extent, the direction of penetration this position can provide clitoral stimulation during penetration and/or g spot stimulation.

You can also vary the feeling by having the lying down partner curl up and uncurl, as well as moving the legs of the lying down partner back and forth.

Pros of the Kneeling Ball Sex Position:

  • This is a very “giving” in that it offers the possibility for a lot of touching and loving attention paid to the partner lying down.
  • Allows for variety in angle and depth of penetration.
  • Lends well to elements of power play.

Cons of the Leg Action Sex Position:

  • One partner is on their knees for a while, would not be good for anyone with knee problems.
  • Most of the action comes from the hips and leg muscles, some strength is required to keep the action going
  • There is no face to fact contact in this position.
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