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Tips and Techniques for Better Sex

Inspiration and step by step guidance to broaden your sexual horizons. 
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  3. Orgasms (27)
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How to Increase Sexual Spontaneity
Tips on how to increase sexual spontaneity in your long term sexual relationship.

First Time Sex
Tips on first time sex experiences, including first time intercourse, first orgasm, first time anal sex, and more.

Sex How Tos
Sex how tos, sex tips, and step-by-step sex instruction on everything from sex toys and positions to erotic role play and how to light a room for sex.

How to Initiate Sex
Tips on how to initiate sex with a partner or spouse.

Play With a Soft Penis
Three things you can do with a soft penis.

Last Longer
How do you last longer during sex? And is it you, or sex, that needs to last longer?

Wedding Night Sex
How high expectations for wedding night sex can leave you neither happy nor satisfied, and what you can do about it.

Tips on edging, a sexual activity that involves postponing orgasm.

Honeymoon Sex
Tips on planning and thinking about honeymoon sex, plus links to honeymoon resources.

Sex Without Intercourse
There's much more to sex than intercourse. If you're scratching your head at that sentence, read on.

Give a Handjob (Women)
It goes by many names, but whatever you call it, using your hands to stimulate the vulva, clitoris, and vagina is more art than science. Consider this art class.

How to Talk Dirty
A step by step guide to introducing erotic, or "dirty" talk into your sexual relationship.

How to Give a Guy a Handjob
Tips, techniques, and a step by step guide to giving great handjobs.

How to Take Erotic Photographs
A beginner’s guide to taking erotic photographs from Christine Ablett. Suggestions on cameras, planning ahead, dealing with models, and setting the mood for an erotic photography shoot are offered.

How to Light a Room for Sex
Expert tips on how to use lighting to create a sexual mood and sexual spaces.

Keeping Sex Fun While Trying to Get Pregnant
Tips on keeping sex fun when you are trying to get pregnant and timing your sex life to your ovulation.

Ten Ways to Screw Up Your Sex Life
Ten ways to screw up your sex life, and ten suggestions on how to avoid them.

Better Sex
Suggestions on how to think about what better sex is for you, in order to figure out how to have better sex.

How to Manage Bowel and Bladder Control During Sex
Tips on ways to reduce the chances of losing bowel or bladder control during sex and dealing with the fear or embarrassment that may come with loss of bowel or bladder control during sex.

Clitoral Stimulation
Tips and techniques for clitoral stimulation.

Dealing with Sexual Shame
Can you eliminate sexual shame from your life? Techniques for working with and reducing sexual shame.

Nipple Stimulation
Tips for exploring nipple stimulation.

Sex When You Work From Home
Tips on how to keep your sex life healthy and happy while working from home.

Quiet Sex
Ideas on how to have sex quietly when staying overnight in a friend or family members house. Also good for when you have too many family members staying at your house over night.

Sex After You Move In Together
Reasons why your sex life may change after moving in together, and tips on how you can start having sex you want again.

New Year's Sexual Resolutions
Six new year's resolutions to help you expand your ideas and your sexual potential.

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