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Readers Respond: What Positions Work Best to Avoid Painful Sex?

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Most of us don’t think about sex positions until they don’t work anymore. If you live with temporary or chronic pain, or are experiencing painful sex for another reason, finding the right sex position is crucial to enjoying sex. Have you found a position that works particularly well for you? Sex positions aren’t just for intercourse. Share your ideas on pain-free (or at least pain-reduced) sex positions for solo sex, intercourse, and all kinds of sex play. Share Your Tips

tilted pelvis

The Missionary position does it for me! If my husband and I try to stand up, then do it from behind, it hurts b/c I have a tilted pelvis.

avoid pain

the person being penetrated gets ontop of the one doing the penetration so she has control of the angle and length of penetration and adjusts accordingly.

My partner is gentle, but just too big

He never wants to hurt me but he's so big and I'm small. Me on top works well to control depth, or on my back with my legs down. Being extremely turned on before penetration starts is key. After a year or so your body will Adjust too. If theres love, keep trying
—Guest COral

Best position to avoid back pain

The best way I have found to avoid worsening back pain is to spoon and gradually start turning over to lie on your back while your partner stays in the spooning position. Of course this is for the partner being penetrated. A little practice and I promise it will work for you.
—Guest Anonymous

Sex and Pain Are Opposites

A person creating pain, is not your partner! The right partner never ever creates pain!


Kissing up and around the neck then down the stomach and straight back up. He begs for it.
—Guest kirsty

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What Positions Work Best to Avoid Painful Sex?

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